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Guy Gibson replied to Otto's discussion Show us Your Kegerator
"The Perlick faucets only have one or two drips a pour, so that helps, I have some soft plastic covers for them as well.  The front of the fridge has a slight curve in it so I decided to see if I really needed one first. Given its onto the…"
1 hour ago
Cain Harland replied to Otto's discussion Show us Your Kegerator
"Nice looking set up. How is having no drip tray working out for you?"
1 hour ago
Guy Gibson replied to Otto's discussion Show us Your Kegerator
"I've posted these before.  CO2 cylinder outside, up to 4 Conry's inside, 3 Perlick 636 taps.  Blackboard vinyl sticker (ebay/trademe) used on the fridge door.  Still using the freezer below.  Using the Fridges original…"
4 hours ago
Scott H posted a status
"Exciting day today, pilot brew with new HERMS setup."
6 hours ago
Doug Phillips replied to Otto's discussion Show us Your Kegerator
"From first hand experience these shelves are very borderline with 23 Litres in a keg on them.  Picture the front of the shelf collapsing and sending a load of ferment ready wort over your legs, filling your trainers and running out the…"
18 hours ago
Adam Sparks replied to Scott H's discussion Electric Brewery's
"It certainly seems that it's just the meter. My household appliances don't make any difference. At any rate as Scott has mentioned it's no biggie. Everything is working just fine. Finished the brew day cleaned and had a beer in 5 hrs.…"
20 hours ago
Hophound replied to denimglen's discussion Recipe Advice Thread
"Looks tasty. I'd say watch that Biscuit malt though, unless you want it to be fruity malty. I brewed an American amber with 4.1 Gladfield Biscuit. The grain smells like an asian food store and I think it gives it quite a fruit cake like malt…"
Peter Smith replied to Scott H's discussion Electric Brewery's
"last thought - have the element turned OFF go and turn on your electric stove, dryer, heaters  etc etc etc in house, if the voltage reading is low, it means that there is a decent voltage drop occurring between your house and the nearest…"


Show us Your Kegerator

Started by Otto in General. Last reply by Guy Gibson 1 hour ago. 15 Replies

Hi,Was wondering if everyone would like to put up pictures of there Kegerators / Beer Fridges here, so that others can get an idea for there own, or just show off some of your hidden talents?!Continue

Electric Brewery's

Started by Scott H in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Adam Sparks 20 hours ago. 268 Replies

We spoke about creating a discussion so people who have or people who are thinking about and/or building can share pic's info and pitfalls to avoid.Just about finished building my bench and hopefully…Continue

Tags: DIY, Brewery, The, Electric

Recipe Advice Thread

Started by denimglen in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Hophound yesterday. 3946 Replies

Thought it might be handy to have a thread for some of the more advanced brewers to give some advice on recipes.Let's see how it goes eh...Continue

A weekend in Belgium - where to drink? where to stay?

Started by nzbrewer in Looking for a Beer.... Last reply by Crusader-Rob yesterday. 3 Replies

Just so I'm sure I don't miss out on anything great in Belgium I'm looking for recommendations on what should be seen. Looks like most people are suggesting Bruges is the place to go.Here is some of…Continue

Tags: colin mallon, luke nicholas

Brewferm mini keg taps

Started by Ben Dean in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Ben Dean yesterday. 9 Replies

Hi good people of realbeer.co.nzMy Brewferm mini keg tap has broken. A replacement one is $75 which is pretty extortionate considering it's a flimsy piece of plastic. I have seen people talking about…Continue

Interview with Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head - BEERVANA 2010

Blog Posts

Kauri Road Brewery 2.8

Posted by Barry on June 9, 2014 at 8:27am 14 Comments

Etch O Sketch.

Did a little etching last night in my HLT, worked out pretty good.

Despite the blurry shit photo it's actually crisp and neat. Each line is an exact 1mm tall rectangle. 

The only thing is it's a pretty light etch, whether that's because of the nature of…


Kauri Road Brewery 2.7

Posted by Barry on June 2, 2014 at 2:13pm 26 Comments

Finally got my wiring done, sporadic nights over a couple of weeks but I got there in the end.

I would recommend to anyone doing this to set enough time aside to do it in one bang :)

There's enough to this system that just when you have your head around it you discover some other little piece of complexity that makes you think really hard about what you're doing.

My timer is different from Kal's one on theelectricbrewery.com so that took a fair amount of…


Kegerator makes its appearance

Posted by Guy Gibson on May 31, 2014 at 8:58pm 4 Comments

The last few bits arrived during the week, so a few hours this afternoon and we have beer on tap.  Perlick 636SS taps.  Covered the fridge door in a vinyl blackboard sticker I got off ebay.  Room for 4 corny kegs in the fridge, and the freezer is still being used.  I might yet replace the fridge thermostat with a STC1000 yet as I did with my fermentation fridge.  At the moment the CO2 cylinder is inside the fridge, just waiting on some John Guest fittings to turn up so I can move it outside.…


Kauri Road Brewery 2.6.1

Posted by Barry on May 8, 2014 at 11:37pm 0 Comments

Extra photos.…


Kauri Road Brewery 2.6

Posted by Barry on May 8, 2014 at 11:35pm 1 Comment

More bits arrived today. Enough to go forth and build my panel.

I spent the last few days getting the paint done, making sure all holes were drilled and clean, bits of filing and touching up paint, etc. 

Last bit of drilling was to tap holes in the heatsink for my SSRs, and through the cabinet door for two surplus kitchen handles I had left over.

Tapping the holes was clean and easy, I recommend this approach over nuts.…


NZ Craft Beer TV - http://nzcraftbeer.tv


After Hallertau Brewery, we headed to Otahuhu in South Auckland to check out Steam Brewing Company. Steam brew the beer for the Cock and Bull pubs that can be found in the Auckland suburbs of Lynfield, Ellerslie, Botany Downs, Newmarket and at the airport as well as Hamilton and also contract brew for a few NZ microbreweries, including Epic.

We caught up with Master Brewer, Shane Morley and had a look around the brewery. I'll put in a bit of a disclaimer here and say that we didn't really need to see much of the brewery as both Luke and myself have spent a bit of time in it! Luke was previously head brewer of the Cock and Bull brewery when it was in East Tamaki and went on to become General Manager of Steam before starting Epic, so we there is definitely a close relationship!

We sat down and chatted to Shane about the beers, brewing and the brewery. Shane is one of the few Diploma Master Brewers in New Zealand and possibly the only one in Kiwi craft brewing, so he definitely knows his stuff! With a large trophy cabinet as the backdrop to our interview, we chatted about the ridiculous amount of medals that Steam have won over the years in brewing awards. Testament to the skill and precision that Shane and his team bring, with Monk's Habit (an American Double Red style ale) one of the most awarded beers in NZ history!

But it's not just big, bold, hoppy brews that Steam contribute to our fantastic brewing landscape. The Cock and Bull pubs stock Buxom Blonde, an American Wheat Ale, Dirty Blonde, a seasonal Witbier, Fuggles, a hopalicious English Bitter served on handpull, Classic Draught, a lightly hopped Pale Ale, Blue Goose, a Pilsner-style Lager, Dark Star, a solid porter-like dark ale and a number of Brewer's Choice seasonals that see the crew flexing their brewing muscles.

Nigel Shaw heads up the brewery and with only 5 full time staff, they definitely punch above their weight. The team are all on their way to completing Institute of Brewing and Distilling qualifications, no mean feat when working full time and with around 900 hL of fermenter capacity, they can definitely brew a lot of beer! The brewhouse is a four vessel system, with a jacketed mash tun, lauter tun, kettle and whirlpool, giving good flexibility for the various brewing practices and beer styles that Shane and other contract brewers may need to utilise. The brewery is set up for hop pellets, though they have used flowers in the past. Don't know who gets the fun job of cleaning out the vessels when this is the case, but I'm glad it's not me! A 10 000 litre brewhouse would mean a lot of hop cones for an Epic brew.

We head to the vessels to try a few of Shane's creations. We have a sip of the Blue Goose, only a few days into conditioning, but clean, crisp and citrusy with the lightest hint of sulphur, something that is associated with the yeast and will condition out, leaving a great session brew. We moved on to Monk's Habit next, a bold, hoppy nose, rich, fruity alcohol and toffee and warmth in the mouth. To clean the palate, we then tasted Buxom Blonde, another clean offering with the faintest hints of estery banana. Another to try after an extended conditioning period and something to sup on my next Cock and Bull visit!

Shane also had an experimental version of Monk's Habit on the go, fermenting it with a Belgian Ale yeast strain. We had a taste and were impressed by the combination of big clove-like ester, rich toffee from the malt, resinous hops and rich mouthfeel. It's always great to see brewer's experimenting and I seriously hope these guys do a lot more of it!

The day over, we realised that there wasn't really much time to film the Epic section of Craft Beer TV... maybe next week...


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