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oliver replied to Ross's discussion Ross NZ WAI-ITI IPA in the group Christchurch case swap #3
"Aroma: Fruit, little musty basement Appearance: Light golden, great head, fairly clear with a touch of haze. Flavour: nice hop hit up front, slightly strange almost peppery finish. Low-med bitterness, could use a few more IBUs to be in the american…"
4 hours ago
oliver replied to Paul Fraser's discussion Paul Fraser - Feijoa Wheat in the group Christchurch case swap #3
"Appearance: cloudy, big fluffy head, dark golden colour Aroma: massive hit of feijoa Flavour: Big hit of feijoa up front, wheat comes through in the background. Fair bit of sweetness from the fruit. Body: Medium body, nice full carb. Overall: Well…"
5 hours ago
oliver added a discussion to the group Clone Brews

Westvleteren 12

Have never had the opportunity to taste this beer, so I want to brew something like it...How important is it to use belgian malt? Here's what I'm thinking:59% Gladfield Pils29% Gladfield Ale12% Dark Candi SyrupAlso thinking about making the candi syrup myself. Apparently they get their yeast from Westmalle so I think I'll use WLP530. Had a bit of a look around the net, a lot of the recipes seem quite complicated, the simplest recipe I found was on the candi syrup site so I'm thinking I might…See More
5 hours ago
Aidan Curran replied to Aidan Curran's discussion Date for next beer swap in the group Nelson
"Ok, no objections to 31st May so let's mark the date in the calendars. I'm thinking of doing it in evening/night time instead of the usual afternoon time. Let me know if that suits or if your preference is otherwise. Reply here or send me…"
5 hours ago
bj replied to Crusader-Rob's discussion Kegging - Ber line length:
"Cant remember exactly as it was about 7 years ago. The refrigeration unit was icing over and the temperature of the beer increased. I assumed at the time that it was the line length or that air was somehow getting in, so i chopped and changed the…"
5 hours ago
Dave W replied to Ian Niehorster's discussion W(h)anganui
"Yep I second the Rutland arms."
5 hours ago
Ryan de Raat posted a discussion

Too late for hop plants?

Hi GuysQuick question, Is it to late in the year to be plating hops?, I am wanting to give plating some a go in pots if I can get my hands on some cuttings.  Cheers RyanSee More
6 hours ago
Hamish Jones replied to Crusader-Rob's discussion Kegging - Ber line length:
"I used a couple of different calcs, I laughed at the one that said 2.5m, too long I said it'll never work, I will try and dig it out and chuck it up here as it was spot on And now I pour at pretty much any pressure and temp nigh on perfectly…"
7 hours ago


Kegging - Ber line length:

Started by Crusader-Rob in HomeBrewers. Last reply by bj 5 hours ago. 18 Replies

Any advice on Beer Line lengths?? I had issues with leaks etc, so I'm a little concerned its overcarbed, After sitting at 8/9/10psi, I'm getting large amounts of foam.I'm down to 1.3metres of Beer…Continue


Started by Ian Niehorster in General. Last reply by Dave W 5 hours ago. 2 Replies

I'm going to Whanganui for a few days. Any good pubs/beer outlets/restaurants/breweries?Cheers!Continue

Too late for hop plants?

Started by Ryan de Raat in General 6 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hi GuysQuick question, Is it to late in the year to be plating hops?, I am wanting to give plating some a go in pots if I can get my hands on some cuttings.  Cheers RyanContinue

Having a few keg issues

Started by Paul Cannell in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Druid 8 hours ago. 46 Replies

Pressurised the keg to 30psi for 3 days.Dropped it down to 10psi today for a sample and all I got was a horribly slow pour and 100% foam and flat beer.Have checked all the connections a it's not…Continue

Kegging - starting out

Started by Hayden Baxter in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Scott H 8 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hey guys, I'm looking at getting into kegging after I've had enough of bottling for a while. I'm really just after some advice since I still need to get everything.I'm after a couple of kegs. I've…Continue

Interview with Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head - BEERVANA 2010

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Kauri Road Brewery 2.4

Posted by Barry on April 7, 2014 at 8:00pm 10 Comments


Got enough bits arrive to tempt me into beginning to mark up my control panel. I did enough of that this evening to ensure I don't do a single bit of cutting until I have absolutely every piece of the puzzle.

My control box is just so tight that I had to adjust things like the position of the far right timer because it might hit the side of the box as the door swings shut. And the excessively large machanical relays within have to be placed very carefully…


Kauri Road Brewery 2.3.2

Posted by Barry on March 30, 2014 at 8:16pm 11 Comments

Dip tubes/inlets done, thanks to the kind lend of a pipe bender by Peter Smith – cheers!

Made short work of some bloody hard stainless, and good learning – last one is the best one.

kettle inlet/whirlpool:

HLT inlet:…


Kauri Road Brewery 2.3.1

Posted by Barry on March 19, 2014 at 8:14am 2 Comments

Additional photos fwiw

Kettle interior

Mash tun interior…


Intro Posting

Posted by John Mildenhall on March 18, 2014 at 5:57pm 0 Comments

Hi Barry.

Sorry for the lack of contact - I have just resurfaced after being belted by an unexpected medical curve ball. 

Thanks for info about where to go for parts I will be chasing them up in the next couple of days.

As soon as I learn how I will post photos of some 'before and after' shots of the stripped and polished metal components from the Engine - really impressive result.


John M


Kauri Road Brewery 2.3

Posted by Barry on March 16, 2014 at 8:25pm 16 Comments

Significant progress this weekend, cyclone Lusi gifting me a fair amount of indoors time.

Got all my vessels completed, all that's left to get going is the electrickery (so still quite a bit then).

I had mixed experiences with some of the fittings, all four taps through the pots seemed to go together quite differently despite each pair of them being made up of identical parts inside and out.

But they all passed an initial leak test, not with vessels full but with me…


NZ Craft Beer TV - http://nzcraftbeer.tv


After Hallertau Brewery, we headed to Otahuhu in South Auckland to check out Steam Brewing Company. Steam brew the beer for the Cock and Bull pubs that can be found in the Auckland suburbs of Lynfield, Ellerslie, Botany Downs, Newmarket and at the airport as well as Hamilton and also contract brew for a few NZ microbreweries, including Epic.

We caught up with Master Brewer, Shane Morley and had a look around the brewery. I'll put in a bit of a disclaimer here and say that we didn't really need to see much of the brewery as both Luke and myself have spent a bit of time in it! Luke was previously head brewer of the Cock and Bull brewery when it was in East Tamaki and went on to become General Manager of Steam before starting Epic, so we there is definitely a close relationship!

We sat down and chatted to Shane about the beers, brewing and the brewery. Shane is one of the few Diploma Master Brewers in New Zealand and possibly the only one in Kiwi craft brewing, so he definitely knows his stuff! With a large trophy cabinet as the backdrop to our interview, we chatted about the ridiculous amount of medals that Steam have won over the years in brewing awards. Testament to the skill and precision that Shane and his team bring, with Monk's Habit (an American Double Red style ale) one of the most awarded beers in NZ history!

But it's not just big, bold, hoppy brews that Steam contribute to our fantastic brewing landscape. The Cock and Bull pubs stock Buxom Blonde, an American Wheat Ale, Dirty Blonde, a seasonal Witbier, Fuggles, a hopalicious English Bitter served on handpull, Classic Draught, a lightly hopped Pale Ale, Blue Goose, a Pilsner-style Lager, Dark Star, a solid porter-like dark ale and a number of Brewer's Choice seasonals that see the crew flexing their brewing muscles.

Nigel Shaw heads up the brewery and with only 5 full time staff, they definitely punch above their weight. The team are all on their way to completing Institute of Brewing and Distilling qualifications, no mean feat when working full time and with around 900 hL of fermenter capacity, they can definitely brew a lot of beer! The brewhouse is a four vessel system, with a jacketed mash tun, lauter tun, kettle and whirlpool, giving good flexibility for the various brewing practices and beer styles that Shane and other contract brewers may need to utilise. The brewery is set up for hop pellets, though they have used flowers in the past. Don't know who gets the fun job of cleaning out the vessels when this is the case, but I'm glad it's not me! A 10 000 litre brewhouse would mean a lot of hop cones for an Epic brew.

We head to the vessels to try a few of Shane's creations. We have a sip of the Blue Goose, only a few days into conditioning, but clean, crisp and citrusy with the lightest hint of sulphur, something that is associated with the yeast and will condition out, leaving a great session brew. We moved on to Monk's Habit next, a bold, hoppy nose, rich, fruity alcohol and toffee and warmth in the mouth. To clean the palate, we then tasted Buxom Blonde, another clean offering with the faintest hints of estery banana. Another to try after an extended conditioning period and something to sup on my next Cock and Bull visit!

Shane also had an experimental version of Monk's Habit on the go, fermenting it with a Belgian Ale yeast strain. We had a taste and were impressed by the combination of big clove-like ester, rich toffee from the malt, resinous hops and rich mouthfeel. It's always great to see brewer's experimenting and I seriously hope these guys do a lot more of it!

The day over, we realised that there wasn't really much time to film the Epic section of Craft Beer TV... maybe next week...


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