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Dan commented on Dene McDonald's group Grainfather Users Group
"They definately need to work on their customer service shit. Especially since they are going global. I received a grainfather that had a chiller that was sub standard. Crappy made in China shit really!!! Apparenty im getting at new chiller. Fuckn…"
4 hours ago
Taubin commented on Dene McDonald's group Grainfather Users Group
"I'd email them. I had the same issue, and they said it got caught up in their system.  Unfortunately the shipper they use for here (Posthaste) is worthless. I live in an apartment complex and they won't come to my door. They left a…"
5 hours ago
Chris commented on Dene McDonald's group Grainfather Users Group
"Has anyone noticed really slow delivery times from grainfather.co.nz Can't get the cleaner I ordered over a week ago, slowing down my planned brews."
6 hours ago
Nathan replied to Cain Harland's discussion Dank Vs Fruity Hops
"WOW I have had the complete opposite happen to me with my last brew, Brewed a Saaz/Pilsner SMaSH and got some wicked passion fruit aroma early on in the brew, But now seems to be a full on Pilsner down to a tee........First time trying FWH hopping…"
6 hours ago
Cain Harland replied to Cain Harland's discussion Dank Vs Fruity Hops
"Actually when I think about it my second attempt at digital IPA was a bit dank and weedy as you say. I blamed the sticklebract that I subbed when I couldn't get pacific jade but maybe it is the NS if its in too early or not cooled quick enough."
6 hours ago
Cain Harland replied to Cain Harland's discussion Dank Vs Fruity Hops
"I do like mikes full nelson and libertys sauvinon bomb and don't think of either of them as dank , waimea hop cat nether (its been awhile since I had any of those so might have to try again) and I don't think its the galaxy. Despite not…"
7 hours ago
Hamish Jones posted a discussion

Any refrigeration engineers in Chch

I am looking for someone who can help me putting together a cheap walk in chiller 2x4 sort of thing,Anyone in Chch able to help please?See More
7 hours ago
Peter Smith replied to Cain Harland's discussion Dank Vs Fruity Hops
"Wait till its fully carbed . makes the hops pop a lot more and sharpens them up.  hoppy beers best 3-5 weeks, my advice is at 5 weeks fridge whatever is left as the hoppyness falls off after that, the right level of carb makes a HUGE difference…"
8 hours ago

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Dank Vs Fruity Hops

Started by Cain Harland in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Nathan 6 hours ago. 4 Replies

I just sampled a 6 day old bottle of my nelson sauvin, waimea, galaxy IPA. I know wait another couple of weeks but I always have to try stuff early. I was surprised to find the hop flavors which I…Continue

Any refrigeration engineers in Chch

Started by Hamish Jones in HomeBrewers 7 hours ago. 0 Replies

I am looking for someone who can help me putting together a cheap walk in chiller 2x4 sort of thing,Anyone in Chch able to help please?Continue

A few problems with my extract brews

Started by Mudcrab in General. Last reply by Peter Smith 13 hours ago. 27 Replies

Hello,I seem to be having a few problems with my extract brews. I try to brew IPA/APAs using various combinations of hopped, unhopped and DME. Regardless of the extract combination and hop…Continue

Hop rhizomes

Started by James P in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Scott Nightingale 18 hours ago. 590 Replies

Hi All(Hopefully I didn't miss a thread here, I searched first!)Just wanted to see if anyone has rhizomes available this year? I hear there is a shortage, however if there are any suppliers anyone…Continue

Please sanity check my order and suggest beerline size

Started by Patrick in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Samuel Loader 18 hours ago. 10 Replies

About to pull the trigger on some bits and pieces, can you take a look and see if I'm on the right track please? I have 4 cornies arriving in a fortnight.What ID beerline should I be using with this…Continue

Interview with Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head - BEERVANA 2010

Blog Posts

Electric keggle HLT build - Part 2

Posted by Brett Mason on October 12, 2014 at 7:59pm 0 Comments

A quick update on the HLT build which is now mostly wrapped up and been through its first batch.

The lovely insulation is courtesy of a warehouse camp roll and a bunch of duct tape.

I was concerned about usability with the large gap between the tap, thermometer and sight glass and it has been a minor nuisance since the thermometer isn't easy to read from an angle. I played it safe with a fairly large gap to avoid cross over between the probes…


A raging Friday night..

Posted by Nicholas Jones on September 26, 2014 at 9:13pm 8 Comments

Evening all. Am mid brew with a 55L batch of 1.079SG Porter which is about to come up to the boil and I thought Id share the loves. The recipe is a bit of a bastard 11kg Pale, 1.4 Crystal 60, 1kg black, 1kg chocolate, 1kg Rye, .6kg Caraaroma, 0.4melanoidin, 0.3kg special B. Obviously aiming for a meal of a beer. Hopping with a small dose of Pac Jade to 20IBu and 200G of Tettnager at flame out and fermenting with 04.

Reason I came on though is a few boys from the forum have been over…


Perlick 630ss

Posted by Dave on September 19, 2014 at 11:45am 0 Comments

Hi all,
Would anyone be interested in two Perlick 630 stainless steel taps. Now surplus to requirements. I am in the process of putting together a serving fridge with three taps. I have decided to replace the 630's with the 650ss (flow control)
One is unused the other hooked up to try out.
Offers around $75 each?

Cheers Dave.

Timer for Hop Schedule

Posted by Shem on September 12, 2014 at 7:00pm 7 Comments

Hello all,

 I have started to get bolder with my home brewing, by entering the world of partial mashing.

 I found that I could prep everything in advance, but once I got to the hop schedule I was left worried about timing of the numerous additions I needed to make.

 After a few brews, and some googling I found that there is no timer I could find that was specifically built for a hop schedule.

 So, being a geek and a home brewer I decided to make one.…


Quick intro

Posted by Dave on September 7, 2014 at 10:59pm 2 Comments

Ok so after stalking this and other forums for the best part of 12 months or so, I though I would throw my hat in and share my experiences.

So my name is Dave.......and yes I am a home brewer.

I guess it all started about 35yrs ago with my Dad, being a beer lover, brewing his own. He used a kit that was put together by a local home brew shop, from memory consisting of DME, sugar and whole hops, on reflection quite advanced for its day.

I recall it being quite bitter and…


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