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David R replied to Grant Abbott's discussion crash cooling question
"I've never bothered going that far, probably no harm in it though. Is it necessary? Look at it this way; a commonly used figure is 4% shrinkage when chilling wort from boiling to fermenting temperature. So if we [generously] say 2% further…"
jt replied to nzbrewer's discussion What are you brewing?
"What's brewing, 1991 style maybe We were having a clear out in the cupboard under the stairs and found a box with odds and ends from last century, I remember the Telfords stout being pretty good, but I only ever saw it in the old shop onthe…"
Peter Smith replied to Boon's discussion CO2 Regulators - Which one?
"get reverse flow protectors"
Smiffy replied to Boon's discussion CO2 Regulators - Which one?
"I just bought the cheapest (unbranded) one I found on trademe and it is still working fine after 6 years. The most likely thing that will kill one is external damage, e.g. bottle falling out of the fridge and the regulator gauge(s) hitting…"
Boon replied to Boon's discussion CO2 Regulators - Which one?
"Thanks Bazza. That one seems to have been out of stock for some time so I assumed i might have been discontinued. Its been good?"
bazza replied to Boon's discussion CO2 Regulators - Which one?
"this the one I have http://www.brewshop.co.nz/kegging/single-co2-regulator.html the guys at brew shop recon it was they are better than the king king ones for only $10 more. I've been happy with it"

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Malthouse’s West Coast IPA Challenge outgrows venue

Malthouse’s West Coast IPA Challenge outgrows venue @malthouse #IPAOne of the biggest events on...

Taranaki’s regional Society of Beer Advocates (Soba)...

Taranaki’s regional Society of Beer Advocates (Soba) coordinator Warwick Foy said the brewery was one of the oldest and most influential craft brewers in the country. 

(via Liquidators called in on Taranaki’s Mike’s Organic Brewery | Stuff.co.nz)

[WARNING] Craft Beer in Crisis?

[WARNING] Craft Beer in Crisis? @sobanz @mjwd @beertownnzWhy don’t I hear more concern from craft...

Gin is the new IPA

Gin is the new IPA @ginzealand @A_Tale_Of_Gin @TheGinGuyNZ #GoodBeerWeek I wrote the following in...

Four Of A Kind – Epic Armageddon’s Winning Hand

Four Of A Kind – Epic Armageddon’s Winning Hand @epicbeer @newworld @mjwdThe trophies keep piling up...


crash cooling question

Started by Grant Abbott in HomeBrewers. Last reply by David R yesterday. 3 Replies

when I crash cool the fermenter it draws in air. I am worried this will oxygenate the brew. To avoid this I have filled a sanitised plastic bag full of co2 and secured this to the end of the blow off…Continue

What are you brewing?

Started by nzbrewer in HomeBrewers. Last reply by jt yesterday. 8222 Replies

Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

Tags: homebrew, ale, brewing, beer

CO2 Regulators - Which one?

Started by Boon in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Peter Smith yesterday. 4 Replies

Hi,I'm finally making the leap to kegging and i'm working through a build list.I'll get cornys from brewshop but i'm not clear on which regulator to go with. The options are:- Kegking for $70…Continue

keg king Robo Brew

Started by Damian McCaul in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Dave on Friday. 6 Replies

Anyone used the Robobrew by kegking? Interested to know how well it doesContinue

Electric Brewery's

Started by Scott H in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Dave on Friday. 527 Replies

We spoke about creating a discussion so people who have or people who are thinking about and/or building can share pic's info and pitfalls to avoid.Just about finished building my bench and hopefully…Continue

Tags: DIY, Brewery, The, Electric

Interview with Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head

Blog Posts

First All Grain Brew successfull

Posted by Ricky White on January 10, 2017 at 3:00pm 6 Comments

I'm fairly new to the hobby with about 7 extract kit brews and through the second lot of them I spent my spare time collecting parts for and building an eHERMS system out of 50l pots.

I finally finished and did preliminary tests on the eHERMS before xmas and this brew was just after xmas.

Today I cracked open one of the PET bottles of my first batch of all grain beer since it was firm although it had only been in the bottles about 2 days after putting it in the fridge…


Roosters Brewery is for sale after 22 years

Posted by Chris Harrison on November 15, 2016 at 2:52pm 4 Comments

Chris Harrison 

also known as me has agreed to the wife's request to sell the brewery after 22 years of loyal service.

Currently we are more involved in The Beach House wines side of the business. With lots of Trophies being gained for our Beach house Wines.

The brewery has achieved the primary goal which was pay for everything. Vineyards, 200 Tonne winery and kids private school education.

So now time is more important than money and its time to sell the brewery…


Us cascade vs nz cascade

Posted by Kroydon on October 16, 2016 at 5:22pm 2 Comments

So I have gotten a hold of a "us cascade" hop plant which is doing great. Question is what separates the nz and us strains. Is it the plant it's self or is it the country/climate it grows in. Google hasn't helped me on this one. I'm not phased just wondering what to expect

Blakes Electric brewery build

Posted by Blake Jones on August 5, 2016 at 1:00pm 8 Comments

Hey there chaps, im in the throws of building a single teir 3 vessel + HEX brew rig, i have been reading through many of the electric builds on here and figured id bang up my own blog for when i inevitable have questions for some of you clever blokes.

Anyway, i have been collecting the vessels and a few other things for some time now, just slowly getting bits as i find them / can afford it. So this is how my plan i drew on sketchup to suss things out in my head, i have condensded it…


Building a compact electric BIAB setup

Posted by Chig on May 9, 2016 at 10:01am 17 Comments

Gidday folks!

I thought I'd share the experience I've had in building my current brewery: a compact 2.4kW recirculating BIAB rig.


I moved to NZ from the UK around 5 years ago with my wife and daughter, as you'd expect we had lots of "stuff" so space is at a premium. Also, with a young family (two daughters: 5 and 3) my brewdays need to fit around the family schedule. I've been brewing for around 3…


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