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Cain Harland replied to Hutzpah's discussion Fermentation fridge
"Sounds like the STC-1000 I use should be fine. The fridge and heat source would both be well under 10 amp. A standard wall outlet in NZ is 10amp so you need a special outlet to run anything that draws more, like an oven."
3 minutes ago
Hutzpah posted a discussion

Fermentation fridge

Hi, one and all,I am a complete newbie to the home brewing scene. But have inherited a home brew set up, well no one in the family was interested in it so I thought I’ll give it a go.I have two brews on the go now a stout and a lager. The stout temperature I think is good but the lager is to high. So I hope to but together a fermentation fridge for next time around.I’m very practically minded and have no problem doing the the wiring but am confused about the electric side, so I have a few…See More
2 hours ago
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2 hours ago
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21 hours ago
Henk Zeeven replied to Mark Weusten's discussion Brewing an IPL
"I've been using the white labs south German lager yeast in a bunch of beers that would have been IPAs, because I had it more than anything else. I'm undecided to be honest, it ferments a bit too clean for my liking, prefer a bit more yeast…"
Cain Harland replied to Kiwis's discussion Home Brew Method & Results
"Each yeast has an ideal temp range. In winter you are probably on the cold side for ale yeast. My point was really going above ideal is worse than being under. But if you want to make better beer set up to heat and cool so you can be at ideal…"
Kiwis replied to Kiwis's discussion Home Brew Method & Results
"So how cool does it need to be?  I left it in the wardrobe of my coolest room. I recall bottling watching NRL so was over winter too."
Cain Harland replied to Kiwis's discussion Home Brew Method & Results
"All those are good suggestions, temp control being the big one. I would say cooling being more important than heating, a few degrees cold = slow fermentation, a few degrees warm = yuck flavors. Many of us have our fermenter in an old fridge with a…"

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Fermentation fridge

Started by Hutzpah in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Cain Harland 3 minutes ago. 1 Reply

Hi, one and all,I am a complete newbie to the home brewing scene. But have inherited a home brew set up, well no one in the family was interested in it so I thought I’ll give it a go.I have two brews…Continue

Brewing an IPL

Started by Mark Weusten in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Henk Zeeven yesterday. 3 Replies

I was set to brew an IPL on friday but chickened out and ended up using my go to WLP090 instead of a WLP800 yeast cake I had. My question is anyone had any success with IPL style and if so any tips…Continue

Home Brew Method & Results

Started by Kiwis in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Cain Harland yesterday. 4 Replies

So a year or two ago I started home brew, did it for a few months (6 maybe) results were okay, drunk it fine. Got pissed fine. Stopped as I was drinking too much in fact.The issue was, the beer…Continue

Timeframes for a bret IPA

Started by Cain Harland in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Cain Harland on Thursday. 9 Replies

What are the timeframes for fermenting an IPA with Brettanomyces claussenii?In my quest to add a bit of body and sweetness to my beer without crystal malt (I generally get very high attenuation but I…Continue

Banjo burners

Started by Glynn Foster in HomeBrewers. Last reply by Glynn Foster Nov 10. 2 Replies

Hey all. Trying to find a cheaper source for Banjo burners (BG14) here in NZ and wondered if anyone knew? Seems like I could go through the eBay/Fishpond route but starts to get pretty pricey in…Continue

Interview with Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head

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NZ limits to annual home brew production?

Posted by BeerBill on August 20, 2017 at 11:30pm 5 Comments

I am wondering if there is a legal annual limit for home brewed beer production in NZ. USA is often about 200 gallons per year. That's about 30 to 40 brews at 19 to 23 litres. Are we limitless or limited in NZ and where is the law to be found?

First All Grain Brew successfull

Posted by Ricky White on January 10, 2017 at 3:00pm 6 Comments

I'm fairly new to the hobby with about 7 extract kit brews and through the second lot of them I spent my spare time collecting parts for and building an eHERMS system out of 50l pots.

I finally finished and did preliminary tests on the eHERMS before xmas and this brew was just after xmas.

Today I cracked open one of the PET bottles of my first batch of all grain beer since it was firm although it had only been in the bottles about 2 days after putting it in the fridge…


Roosters Brewery is for sale after 22 years

Posted by Chris Harrison on November 15, 2016 at 2:52pm 4 Comments

Chris Harrison 

also known as me has agreed to the wife's request to sell the brewery after 22 years of loyal service.

Currently we are more involved in The Beach House wines side of the business. With lots of Trophies being gained for our Beach house Wines.

The brewery has achieved the primary goal which was pay for everything. Vineyards, 200 Tonne winery and kids private school education.

So now time is more important than money and its time to sell the brewery…


Us cascade vs nz cascade

Posted by Kroydon on October 16, 2016 at 5:22pm 3 Comments

So I have gotten a hold of a "us cascade" hop plant which is doing great. Question is what separates the nz and us strains. Is it the plant it's self or is it the country/climate it grows in. Google hasn't helped me on this one. I'm not phased just wondering what to expect

Blakes Electric brewery build

Posted by Blake Jones on August 5, 2016 at 1:00pm 8 Comments

Hey there chaps, im in the throws of building a single teir 3 vessel + HEX brew rig, i have been reading through many of the electric builds on here and figured id bang up my own blog for when i inevitable have questions for some of you clever blokes.

Anyway, i have been collecting the vessels and a few other things for some time now, just slowly getting bits as i find them / can afford it. So this is how my plan i drew on sketchup to suss things out in my head, i have condensded it…


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