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The Library

Thought it would be handy to have a list of links to info for new to advanced homebrewers. If anyone has anything they think is good, solid…

Started by denimglenLatest Reply

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Fermentation fridge

Hi, one and all, I am a complete newbie to the home brewing scene. But have inherited a home brew set up, well no one in the family was in…

Started by Hutzpah

1 5 hours ago
Reply by Cain Harland

Brewing an IPL

I was set to brew an IPL on friday but chickened out and ended up using my go to WLP090 instead of a WLP800 yeast cake I had. My question i…

Started by Mark Weusten

3 yesterday
Reply by Henk Zeeven

Home Brew Method & Results

So a year or two ago I started home brew, did it for a few months (6 maybe) results were okay, drunk it fine. Got pissed fine. Stopped as I…

Started by Kiwis

4 yesterday
Reply by Cain Harland

Timeframes for a bret IPA

What are the timeframes for fermenting an IPA with Brettanomyces claussenii? In my quest to add a bit of body and sweetness to my beer with…

Started by Cain Harland

9 on Thursday
Reply by Cain Harland

Banjo burners

Hey all. Trying to find a cheaper source for Banjo burners (BG14) here in NZ and wondered if anyone knew? Seems like I could go through the…

Started by Glynn Foster

2 Nov 10
Reply by Glynn Foster

Recipe Advice Thread

Thought it might be handy to have a thread for some of the more advanced brewers to give some advice on recipes. Let's see how it goes eh.…

Started by denimglen

4154 Nov 3
Reply by jt

Yeast for pressure fermenting

Anyone got advice about yeast strains to use for pressure fermenting? Are there special considerations for strain selection when under pres…

Started by Cain Harland

0 Oct 31


Anyone using a Fermentasaurus under pressure? Supposedly you can ferment ales at 23c cleanly due to the pressure, maybe someone can comment…

Started by Mark Weusten

10 Oct 27
Reply by Mark Weusten

Avoid kegresources.co.nz at all cost!

Hi everyone, just thought it was pertinent to let everyone know to avoid purchasing anything from kegresources.co.nz. A few months ago I or…

Started by Mike Cole

3 Oct 10
Reply by Mark Meyburg

IPA with lager yeast. Is it still an IPA?

Hey all. W34-70 has popped up a few times lately on some things I been listening to and reading and I see it is being used (successfully) i…

Started by Matt Symonds

4 Oct 10
Reply by Ben Dean


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