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nice mate..really nice

I'm currently an extract brewer and have found the following very useful:


Another one to add to Brewing supplies would be the Dunedn Malthouse.

+ this beer kit review site:

Useful calculators, especially the 'can i mash it' volume calculator


Other good reading on the site too

Ged, this is one for you!!
Updated, thanks everyone.

Reviled, looking to you for some BIAB info, seeing as your the rep for it on this forum :-P

Joking, looking at you for some hop info, I know you must have some good resources stashed away.
It's all stashed away in my head mate... just months of trial / error / reading / drinking / discussing.

I honestly wish I could be more helpful!
OK this is my favourite site: www.brew365.com

Another one I refer to at times is: www.yakimachief.com

Another: www.hopunion.com

Another: www.freshops.com

That's all I really use when I think about hopping, or buying hops.
Cheers mate.

365 is a handy site, some good articles there.
Choice, added.


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