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Well, surely its coming up to that time, so im thinking maybe October for CS8


Expressions of interest please to get an idea of numbers.. Hopefully a full swap given the new number of case swap members recently!!


Fu*k knows what im going to brew for this.. Will have to think of something a bit different I think.

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I'd be keen if the numbers worked out that way. I could certainly do with some constructive criticism cause my friends are too nice to be helpful.

Yeah, i'll get something together for this


Hopefully we can get a few Chch brewers in this time, earthquakes and snow pending

I'm in. Kegging beers now and am keen to see if I can bottle from the keg without cocking it up :0)
Keen. I've been wanting to try smoking my own malt so will probably try and sneak a smoked beer in.
Yep.. im in for sure.
I'm in.
Put me on the backup list - not sure whether I'll have anything ready in that timeframe. I could probably drop something in if you're short.
October is really too close to do lagers though... Still keen regardless, but maybe early November would allow for some more adventurous brewing?
Im happy with November if thats what the general consensus is for :o)
a halloween CS... nice...  suits me. \m/
Count me in.
I'd be down


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