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Thought it might be handy to have a thread for some of the more advanced brewers to give some advice on recipes.

Let's see how it goes eh...

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Yea wheat can be a bit of a bugger to clear sometimes and time and patience can be a good thing.Often I lack patience ...

Looks like the pressure is dropping on the fermenter lid, might check if the krausen's on the way down and think about the first dry hop

Hydro sample tonight, had the second dry hop in since Sunday.
Better balance tham I thought and no way grating or grassy as I was a bit worried, could be the temperature?
1045 down to 1012 (was 1014 on sunday) so check again tomorrow and might crash it ready to keg on the weekend.

Good to hear lots of late hop can be a bit hairy , you can end up diesel or grassy and just not know why...

I was a bit worried about this as well with all the late and dry hop.  Mine has been in the bottle for about 3 weeks now, and its way better then it was, still it has a bit of a sharp acidic, astringent thing that I am going to put down to the 2 hour mash.... there is a lot of hop bitterness there as well .. and not much malt cushion.

The hop character is ok, it has that floral fruit thing happening that I pick up from chur / hapidaze , great up front bitterness.etc so I will be rebrewing this with no hop changes.

I will have two bottles of this at tonight's curry and beer matching,  little india CBD at 6pm if people want to try it.

I think it might be the temperature, followin grecipe suggestion to dry hop at ferment temp, 20c.

Mashed higher than the suggested 66c so that'll contribute to the balance too

i still need to try the commercial beer , haven't had one for a few years

Mashed higher than the recipe, finished higher, more of a malt balance than the original. Probably missing a bit of late hop with not the volume of dry hop too. Still good, just different and i like the balance
Planning on a 1040 version next

I am going to rebrew min with more gladiator and play with ph to get rid of the astringency...   no 2 hour mash this time,   maybe 200g of caramalt as well

Is that extra Gladiator or the caramalt in place of anything, maybe the wheat?
I like some wheat, but sometimes think that much could be a bit fluffy without a bit of cara or crysal

yes there is too much wheat in it, will drop that back to 200g  I liked the Kohatu in it.

I will post recipe once i make some calls on it  will probably take some 0 min hops back to 5 min, and may have more of the bitterness from a 16min addition less from 60 to add some more hop flavour in.

I like two types of PAs one seems to be the classic caramalt grist that deeble made popular, the other is what we are playing with here, its dryer and IMHO harder to make, there is no where to hide your faults in such a light beer.

hapidaze and chur i think are this lighter type

If you are trying to clone say sawmill xpa or any x PALE ale   what base malt do you goto?

I am thinking about trying Marris Otter extra pale but after others advice.

Brewtopia's Panhead XPA recpe kit, recipe in Beersmith is American Ale, Pilsner and Wheat

I've brewed Baylands XPA  - Pils, wheat, torrified wheat and munich - a couple of times

haven't tried Sawmill so i can't say how they'd compare - might stop by the beer shelf at Pak n Save on the way home

Wanting to redo my Smoked Porter recipe I have previously brewed.

I am wanting to up the smoke taste in it, I didnt really taste a lot of it last time, may increase it to 300 or 400g.

What are peoples thoughts of also chucking in a couple of vanilla pods into the ferment after soaking in vodka? Too much or do you think it may work?

Any other advice is greatly appreciated :)

Sorry chap, not a smoked fan, can't really help you with that


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