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does anyone have any recommendations for larger 100 - 200 ltr fermenters. I've looked at the plastic conical induction tanks available in the states http://www.tank-depot.com/product.aspx?id=854

but shipping is about 3 times the price of the tank. any bright ideas about what could be avaiable in nz. I've looked at the 200ltr barrels on trademe but they are all second hand. 

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If you're gonna go to the trouble of making 200l of beer, and all that entails - yeast, hops, energy for brewing, cooling that much wort, finished beer storage, etc, no way would I ferment in anything other than stainless steel.

I don't wanna be a downer on your plans, and you've probably thought of all the details anyway, but...
It's seductive to brew as much as you can, economies of scale etc, I get it. But that amount of beer at home is a big deal to make, all things considered.


after 155 you are looking at diary tanks or 2nd hand really


you will need a cool room as well 

Weazledog started by using 10 x 60L barrels....

That's a good point too @Peter - cooling. Anything that won't fit in a fridge requires some extra effort/gear.

I have an idea, I have some really large plastic barrels, they are blue in colour and have pressure fit lids, the biggest holds maybe 200L and a really large fridge would hold one, got them from brewerscoop, many user the smaller ones to keep grains in as lids seal against pests...  I have heard that people have used them as fermenters....   they where cheap like $60

they are not conical but I dont think this matters much,   many pros have started with non conical.....

look like this but are bigger not 100% sure on volume but they hold 3 sacks of grain... be bloody close to 200L at least 160,  there are different sizes,  you need the bigger ones.   Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I hate plastic fermenters, I hardly ever use them , I like glass or stainless....   you could use multiple 50L stainless kegs... they fit well into fridges etc...  just put carboy caps on them


all good suggestions. I was thinking that the plastic is might be cheap enough to play around and test recipes etc on with the goal of moving to stainless steel

thanks there are some 170ltr pots for just under $300. anyone got a clever idea on how you could clamp or seal the lid

Unless you're planning on cold crashing them for quite some time you don't really need to seal them up as with all the CO2 pumping out it'll be under a slight pressure all the time anyway. All you really need is something to stop crap falling/flying in. I sometimes brew in a food grade bucket with the lid seal not pressed down - works just fine.

Great thing about a pot is you could throw a few liters of water in the bottom and give it a bit of a boil with the lid on for a steam sterilise as well. I ferment in old 50L kegs - I tend to throw them on the burner for 10 minutes for a quick blast before brewing.

Came across these recently when doing some sourcing for work: 


Guy quoted around $450 for a 100L and $650 for a 210L one - would be nice and easy to clean if you pop the top off


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