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$50+GST / month


Wort Oxygenation... disposable O2 cylinders + mini regulators.


If I group-buy 3 or 4 regulators and 6 or 8 O2 cylinders from these guys, they will pay for shipping to wellington, and give us 10% off.

Its hard to ship O2 around the place due to being flammable, so I can only offer this to the wellington guys.... but if you aren't in wellington, I'll give you the guys details to try strike your own deal :)

Mini regulator:


disposable oxygen cylinder:


what you would get:

1xmini regulator

2xdisposable O2 cylinders

for: $227.70

The cylinders hold around 110L of oxygen, from what I've read, you would use 1L/min for 30 seconds into a 20L(ish) batch. which means one cylinder will cover you for a couple of hundred 20L brews.

Plus you can use it on your yeast starters.

You would need to get your own tubing, sintered stone, etc

Let me know if you want in on the deal or have any questions, etc....



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Keen, would also prefer single tank if possible.

Just heard back - the 10% off deal still stands.

We can get a combo - 1 disposable O2 bottle and mini O2 reg (links in the original thread post above) for $165.60 including GST each

Additional available items are:

Disposable O2 bottles $62.10 GST inc

Mini regs (either O2, no gauge or soda stream CO2 with gauge)  $103.50 inc GST

1L CO2 refillable bottle with sodastream outlet for $103.50 inc GST (this isn't on their website, pic below)

Let me know what you're definitely after and I can set it all up

Keen but am in christchurch....:(

Cheers Tom but its probably best you find a local supplier - dangerous goods shipping and all that caper.  I'm sure there are local lads who could point you in the right direction.

Have been keen to sort something in ChCh myself. Just got an email this morning that Denis Cunningham ltd would source a reg from TESUCO in Aus for $82.30+GST. I believe it's the one discussed in the AHB forum that comes with a gauge.

Cool, what about the O2 cylinders? anyone else keen?

Picked up the reg on friday. They stock the bottles as well. $45+GST.

Resurrecting the old thread once more.. Anyone got a flow meter for this setup or have any other methods of measuring the O2 output?  I'm using a .5micron diffusion stone.

ie how violent are the bubbles to achieve the 1L per min flow?

Third resurrection of this old thread, how long do these disposable bottles last?

Well in my case quite a long time as I'm on the original bottle brewing on average once a month. This thread may provide better detail than my comment though


Thanks David, that sounds way more than I was expecting. Cheers.


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