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Hi all,

I have found myself in a tight spot.

I have just moved to a new flat, one that likes their lagers, as do I.

I have been doing ales of all types and have 2 controlled environments that hold 2 fermenters each which give 1 keg per week and is great. However i am unable to decide if i want to convert 1 chamber to lagers (1 keg of ale per 2 weeks and 2 kegs of lager per 7? weeks) or stay as is and make more pale ales.

also something to take into account is when i do a pale ale, the keg generally blows within a week (last one lasted 4 days)  - is 7 weeks worth 2 kegs? (maybe 2 weeks beer then 5 weeks of 2 dry kegs)

All opinions on my situation welcome


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just brew pale ale mate! I'm a bitter man myself,lager just seems like too much like hard work. Had a crack at making it for 'er indoors- corona clone... didn't come up to scratch. Mates who prefer lager just want cold/alcoholic/ doesn't  taste of anything/pretty bland which (correct me if i'm wrong) is pretty hard to make.  At the level i'm at i can't be bothered- just brew ales... mind you i do drink alot on my own come to think of it!

cheers Paul

Remember this phrase, "7 days without beer makes one weak."

Maybe it would be worthwhile if you can build another fermentation chamber. However, for me it is not worth it without another chamber.

Sounds like a real balancing act - sorry Im am of little or no help at all in this situation but since you said all opinions are welcome what I can say is ..

a - I am extremely jealous of the amount of brewing time you have!

b - If you are brewing beer for your flatmates and especially if there are some nice stouts involved - any room for another flatmate?? ;-) 

Seriously though sounds like you need to put forward a case to your flatmates that in order to provide sufficient quantitys of lager they will need to go ways with you on a bigger temp controlled chamber and extra or bigger fermenters that can be dedicated to lagers.

I say brew a pseudo lager with US-05 fermented at 16C and see what they think.  I suspect they won't be able to tell the difference.


i'd second that

Sounds like a good opportunity to convert some un-educated folks into learning how great the world of beer actually is outside of lagers.

hmmm yeah supply is important.... but it is a skill set that i dont yet have...... maybe wait for a cheap 700L chest freezer and do a epic brew weekend every 7 weeks....

had a good laugh at "7 days without beer makes one weak." - Thanks Michael


Chris - im not sure my beer would be as good with a flatemate that knows what they are talking about. haha


MrC - Just had a look at a few recipes and some look very good! may need to give it a go.

You can make fantastic lagers with ale yeast and without doing any lagering.  Try using some other yeasts and run them, Saison farmhouse, Kolsh, Helle/Bock and American Ale II.  I've used them all over the past 12 months for lagers and blondes.  Malty and clean or fruity and intoxicating :)  No need for 7 weeks of lagering.  Unless you want to of course.


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