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I'm gradually getting all the bits and pieces together to build a single tier AG rig (similar to this).  Each time I get paid I'm making an effort to buy one or two more pieces in the hope I can be up and running before summer.


I'm looking for a good supplier for SS fittings, ideally in Wellington, but that's not a deal breaker.  I plan to place a reasonably sizeable order too, so a willingness to negotiate on price will definitely help me make a decision.


I've found a US supplier (bargainfittings.com) with several kits made up which are exactly what I'm after, but surely I can find a good supplier closer to home - I'll definitely consider an Aussie supplier too because I'm over there often.


I've listed some of the parts I'm after with links to images.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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You probably already know this, but I see that Anzor stock the 3pc 1/2" ball valves. You want to have an account with these guys, works out to about 80-90% discount off their retail. Other than that I can't help I am afraid.


P.S Jealous as hell

Thanks Rhyno, I'll look into Anzor.

Given the exchange rate at the moment, buying from EBAY is a good start. I bought the 3 x thermowells in for about $50 NZ, a single thermowell in NZ was over that price.

Thanks James.  I've been keeping an eye on eBay.


One thing which has prevented me from buying from the US is the threads on things.  I know that the standard thread in the US is NPT (imperial measurements), and from what I can tell, the standard here in NZ is BPT (metric).  I'm hesitant to jump at a great deal on eBay because it's likely to be NPT and I don't know enough about the fittings to know whether I'll be able to get things over here that will fit (and I certainly don't want to be forced to continue to buy things internationally if I can help it).


For example, I've considered getting the bulkhead kit shipped over from bargainfittings (because it's convenient getting all the bits at once) and then getting the ball valves over here to save on postage, but I know the bulkhead will be NPT, and any ball valves I find here are likely to be BPT.


I've already bought the sightglasses for my kegs and they have NPT threads, but I wasn't concerned about them because they stand alone (i.e, I'm not going to try to connect anything else to them)


If anyone can enlighten me about the availability (and compatibility) of different threaded fittings I'd love to hear.  If at all possible I want to keep everything standardised, but clearly I don't know much about this sort of industrial plumbing.

Hey there dude, just a little bit of info that may help, if you buy ball valves and bits from the States the thread will be NPT ( national pipe thread) and in 1/2" in S/Steel you will have a nightmare mixing and matching any BSP (British stanard pipe thread as in 1/2" NPT and BSP dont like each other(different thread pitch). BSP is the recognised thread here in OZ and NZ. As for the camlocks, I sell them and dont really think they are practical for HB, pop into HCD in Welly and check them out. They come standard with NBR seals so you may need them as extras, and just dont think camlocks are suitable(my opinion) hope I helped, and happy brewing :)

Thanks Evan (and good timing on the NPT/BSP discussion - I've just asked that question above).


I've been reading up on quick disconnects (cam locks specifically), and I've heard that the seals are far from food safe, though it is possible to replace them with ones that are.  From what I can see they are the best quick disconnects available at the moment (I don't really want to go with tri-clamps).  I know they still require two hands to lock/unlock, but I still think they are easier and quicker than threads when changing hoses during a brew day - no tools required for one thing.


The only other type of SS disconnect I've found are these ones, but I haven't seen or heard of anyone outside of the US selling them.  If you've got any other suggestions, I'm keen to listen.


Also, thanks for pointing me toward HCD - I've never heard of them.  I'll go in and check them out.

Have you considered Union fittings?

Metal to metal sealing surface, easy to operate and accommodates a modicum of misalignment.




1/2" Npt and 1/2" Bsp have the same tpi,but there is a very slight difference in the angle of the thread form. for low pressure applications they are for all intents and purposes interchangeable

Ditto for 3/4"

SS fittings in both thread forms are availing in NZ, as Npt is std in the oil industry, so around New Plymouth they are a common item.

Steel and Tube stainless will have both.

And then for the pedantic,  technically there are close on 2 dozen variants of Npt thread form, the three most common ones: Taper, parallel, and Dry seal. 





Im very interested in this Im building a brew rig too , I have sourced some S/S kettles, a march pump from Joking and now im having to work out whats the best way to plumb it up and the best pipe to use copper or Stainless                         

Do you want to consider cost? If not go nuts, go stainless.

Hah, funny this thread came up. I just bought some stainless fittings from PiplineWAM on Patiki Road (on Druid's recommendation).




I got a few slimline camlocks, a nipple, and a SS ball valve. They apparently sell some kind of hose which is food grade at high temps, but the guy I spoke to there didn't seem to know anything about it. Anyone able to shed any light on this?


Another question I have is, do I need to replace the seals in my camlocks? And if so, where do I get food grade seals from?

Thats a nicely thought out website! They list nitrile camlock seals as food grade but not sure what the standard seals are?


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