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Hey guys,

A few pics and stuff from the last few days here:

Includes some photos from yeaterday of hacking up a side-by-side fridge to create a temperature controlled fermenting chamber!


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Good onya Brent. I found using a temp controlled chamber to be the single best thing to improve the quality of my beers since moving to AG. 

What are you using for temp control?

Thanks Michael.
I was using a chest freezer to ferment in, with an STC-1000 controller provided boxed, wired and ready to go by Paul Wicksteed (Another1)

I'm now going to use the chest freezer for kegs and the hacked up fridge/freezer with another STC-1000 for fermenting.
I've found I can fit 4 fermenters into the fridge/freezer and 5 kegs into the chesty. Perfect!!

My personality wouldn't let me ferment any other way, it'd feel too unconrolled and non-repeatable. I'm a telco engineer - but a scientist at heart.
Nice one! I can fit only one fermenter in my chamber. On the bright side, this means the local breweries get some of my dosh, and I get to taste other beers.

You cheated though, you bought a new house!

I am so cramped for space I can't comtemplate anything but ambient for now, but at least the concrete floor in the workshop stays pretty stable. Although for lagering over winter I am in the bush, and outside under the trees is the coolest place. I had four buckets out there at one stage.Lol.


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