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We spoke about creating a discussion so people who have or people who are thinking about and/or building can share pic's info and pitfalls to avoid.

Just about finished building my bench and hopefully will have a chance to start wiring it up this weekend. Pics to follow shortly.

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hey Scott, thats great, I'm thinking about it, and its gonna take me awhile, while i get the gear together, but thats my ultimate goal. haven't even started gathering parts for electric yet, kegs being setup first, then garage tidy to allow for a proper setup.

I'm in the throes of a complete rebuild. I have always brewed with electrickery, but I'd had enough of my ghetto system – it's been a year since I last brewed on it.

You can follow my progress so far here and here.

I just borrowed a 32mm chassis punch off the very kind Guy Gibson, looking forward to making holes in my pots this weekend. Still waiting on some stuff from Amazon to turn up though, need the chassis punch for that stuff and it's a week overdue. Hate couriers!

I need to get hold of a 13/16" chassis punch to makes holes for my ball valves, still have a bunch of other things to buy – stainless bits and bobs, counterflow chiller, control panel stuff, lots. It's all starting to come together though!

What a great idea for the thread - certainly sounds like a fair few people are moving down the electric brewing route at the moment.  

We are building a semi-electric system: two level (single pump) with gas fired boil kettle, PID controlled 4.5kW HLT with hex.  I'll post some pictures and further details alter in the weekend (if I get something done on it)

I'm in the parts gathering stage myself. electric HLT and dedicated HERMS vessel, gas kettle. Lots of hunting for parts from china at the moment. I'll post up a parts list when I get it updated.


the dailyappliance2010 guy has lots of bling bling brewing gear, I am going to build a stainless grant with this at the bottom....


I should add I have a costing spreadsheet that breaks down parts and prices (both paid and yet to order for complete system). PM me your gmail address if you want a squiz.

Can anyone recommend a sparky / appliance electrician that would be keen to review my wiring post-construction?   I'm very wary of firing up a 30 amp supply without an expert's review. While it all looks quite simple, I'd rather minimize the risk! Cheers.

Add me to the list of people part way through an electric upgrade.

2 tier single pump electric/gas. Going to have electric HLT with built in hermes coil; got a 60l pot modified to take an element and Hermes coil. 60 Pot with false bottom for MT.

Picked up a largely completed PID control system off trademe (Thanks Steve) which I will be getting sorted over the next few weeks


Gas for the BK, have tamed a 23 tip mongolian burner down to 15 tip. 23 tips really gets a boil going!

Will try and upload some photos showing the state of my upgrade over the weekend. Going to have to get the St Pats day stout down over the weekend despite the half complete upgrade.

Building a single tier dual pump full electric HERMS. 70L vessels.

Matt what part of the country are you in?
Hi Scott, based in Auckland

Cant you just run 2 x 2kw elements off different breakers?

ie one on a long extension lead from a distant socket...  

cant imagine the house is limited to 2kw.

If you do, make it a heavy duty extension lead.


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