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I wanna get some more bed time reading material, but can't really find anything that looks that exciting. Any of you guys have a suggestin or two? I'm looking for something inspirational rather than methologic: "designing great beers" was good, but "radical brewing" was better. Another one of my favorites is "brew like a monk".

What else?

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Beer Captured.

Has about 150 clone recipes from around the world, mainly US & Europe, all both mini mash & all grain. It also has the recommended Wyeast strain for each beer which is a great help.

The recipes are pretty easy to follow and virtually all the ingredients are available here.

I know this is probably more in the methologic camp, but for me it's probably the most inspiring book since David Lines "Brew Beers Like Those You Buy". That book was the reason I got into brewing.
I already have beer captured and although I have found some inspiration from it I find it a bit meh... too many recipes and not enough room for individual thought... The first book I got was Papazians complete joy of homebrewing, awesome book, that's the number one reason I'm brewing...
I really enjoy the late Michael Jackson's books. His original World Encyclopaedia of Beer is great. Sure, it's nowt to do with brewing, but it's inspiring. Always makes me thirsty. :)
you have to specify more than "the late MJ", they both are now...:) sorry, it's early...
yeah, i've always enjoyed his books too, dont have any of the old stuff though. I'm sure its great but is it maybe a bit out of date or is that not a problem you find? I'll definitely put one or 2 of his books in my amazon order.
My continual BYO subscription - really worth the money IMO, and contains all sorts of clone recipes, DIY equipment projects, and a bunch of other bits and pieces. Love it.
I'm just starting Pete Brown's 'Three Sheets To The Wind' - Itsa sort of travel beer book.
He has a couple of others too:
"Man walks into a pub"
& just released : "Land of Hops & Glory -" retracing the origins and journey of IPA


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