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Anyone know somewhere in Auckland (or that will send to AK) that has Lactic acid?  Only looking for about 100 - 250mL.



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I think JC Sherrat supply the food industry with lactic, but you would have to find someone that has an account with them as they probably dont do cash sales to the public. You are also likely to have to buy a 20L container...



Are you going to be at Hallertau this Saturday?  You buy me a beer and I will bring you some lactic acid :)
Does lactic keep ok? I'd love to get some if it wouldn't be essential to use it ASAP, and would gladly trade you for a beer :)
Considering the ph of the acid and I gather its fairly 'stable' I guess it would last for a while...and considering, for Hamilton water, that 1/4ml in 10 litres is enough to acidify the water it needs to last a while!
See you on Saturday GM!
Awesome, keen to grab a little off you then :)
No problem...see you (and Jo) Saturday
Cheers for the offer 666, Ralph's sorted me out for the minute so I'll let Richard take you up on the beer for acid ;-)


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