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The Annual Liberty Brewing "Win Your Homebrew Back" Competition

Yes indeed people... it is back - and better than ever.
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a wizz at recipe development, then send me your beer. If you think you have a unique beer that no one else has brewed - send it to me. If it's a classic style executed to perfection: I want to taste it.
And what's in it for you?
Well - you win it back. Whatever you used to brew the beer (provided we can supply it - or a suitable substiture) we will send the ingredients used to make the beer. It will also feature as the Brew Of The Month - and (with the winners permission) we will brew it up here at our brewery for sale to our distrubutors... how's that for a king headswell?
Key dates: The cutoff will be December 16th 2011. That way - you can brew your beer again on the Christmas Holidays. Announcement will be December 21st 2011. Brew day will be Early January... with your permission (of course).
For the address to send your beer to, just flick me an email: sales@libertybrewing.co.nz subject: WYHBBC
There is NO entry fee. Happy Brewing

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Best. Idea. Ever!

Cheers bro.


Send a beer any time between now and the cut off. I'll be using a standardised scoring system across all the beers - so the sooner they start ariving the better (for me).

Sounds like a plan! Do we get extra points for adhering to the Reinheitsgebot? hehe

Just a friendly reminder not to leave your entries to the last minute - it's a lot for one man to get through!


Thanks to all who have sent their beers already.





Last week people - The interest this year has been awesome... good to see so much good beer.

how many entries did you receive brutha?

and the winner is..... (drum roll) 

.......... :O!

OK... sorry about the delay.


There were a lot more entries than last year... and I guess 5 days to get through all those beers was wishfull thinking!


So lets just cut to the chase...


The winner is Tony Faulkner with his Belgian Brown beast. It was a really well balanced beer with beautiful malt character. The Belgian fruityness on the nose was so clean and well balanced. The alcohol was completely hidden too which was mean, given that I though it was 5% but it was more closer to 8. Needless to say that after 750mls of it, I was well on my way.


Second (albeit no prize for second) goes to Matthew Vernon with his Imperial Porter / Hoppy Black Beer.


Third Equal goes to Dave Wood and Shiggy Takagi with their Oat IPA and Black IPA respectively.


Thanks to everyone who took part. I will definately hold another one of these in the future.


Best regards, Joe.

Congrats to Tony! I hope to be able to get hold of some of the brew down here in Chch!

I must be more organised and enter this comp next year!

Wicked. 2nd = A lil bit of street cred, that's good enough for me! Congrats Tony, and cheers Joe. Nice comp :-)

aw :(


Cheers Joe,  i wish I had some of that beer left.....


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