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I bought a 6 pack of Port Road Pils last week which was off, I mean butterscotch and chemical  bitterness. Contacted them on Facebook and sure enough batch 1867 is one affected that they tried to recall but somehow made the shelves. Anyway I was told to mail feedback@panhead.co.nz which I did last week and no reply. Really disappointing customer service. I had a similiar issue with Tuatara, I emailed them and their rep collected and dropped me round a replacement a couple of days later. My advice is don't buy Panhead Pils or Supercharger until they are sure all the bad batches are off the shelves. I wont ever be buying their beer out of principle.

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I had a crap Port Road Pils last night too. I don't think it was off but it reminded me about what I hate about Macs hop rocker (which used to be great) these days which I'm sure has something to do with the accountants coming in and trying to save a buck on the way ingredients are used. Sad, Panhead wasn't supposed to go the same way as Macs after the acquisition. Or maybe its a good thing, if the big boys can't offer a decent craft option it might limit how much they can keep the independents out of the pubs, which of course was their whole scummy reason for the purchase.

I think they switched their customer service off after the acquisition as well. Very sad

Got contacted by Panhead yesterday. They wanted a photo of the batch number before they would send a replacement, luckily I still have 4 of them because I am sure drain unclogger would taste better.


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