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Basically the same as what is in the discussion title heading above...

One night I was drinking a fine selection of NZ craft beers and I thought to myself... I should be telling others about these beers. Not that I'm the first to drink or review them mind you but you get my drift.

I'm a home brewer myself and I find that the deeper I delve into the fantastic world of all-grain brewing (having come from the whole coopers home brew kits etc etc) I'm also finding that my taste buds are also becoming alot more refined (if that is even possible?). I created this group to share opinions with other people and it would be good if I could have a few home brewers on board to back me up/fight with me over reviews :D Life is to short to drink bad beer - so drink good beer and tell others about it!

Now I'm just rambling. So yeah, if anyone is interested: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/300777766618055/ It's an open group so the more the merrier!

Happy brewing for 2012 and beyond!

"Life is too short to drink bad beer - so drink good beer and tell others about it!" - Brayden Rawlinson, 2011

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