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Ok, so I've got 4 sacks of grain coming from Gladfield Malt from the NHC for the Kiwi As Bro (part one) prize (thanks SOBA and thanks Gladfield!!). I've got a grain mill winging it's way here but I don't have any storage containers for the grain.

Can anyone recommend some form of container for grain storage? Anything suitable at Mitre 10 etc?

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I don't have that volume to be thankful for !

I split a sackful between two old fermenters and that works for me.

I've seen others using the rolling storage boxes. Not sure the sizes, but I'm guessing that a 50 or 60litre one will fit a sack ok.

Or if you're going to have 100kg, maybe see if you can pick up one of those 200 litre plastic barrels with the clip top lid

I use plastic bins.

Be sure to have containers that seal completely, as I once had mice get into my grain. :/

+1.. go to the Warehouse or Bunnings... 35l+ bins

Nice win - bet it'll be fun working your way through that haul.

Depending on your usage rates it might be worthwhile looking for something airtight. 

I've used a few old 20L trade quantity paint tins.  The lid seals tightly with a spring clip around the top, they're free and good for keeping the mice out.



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