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40L 2 Tier Full Mash All Grain Home brewery. 40L Stainless steel Electric thermostatically controlled hot liquor tank with a 2.4kw Element, insulated, can also be set up to boil. Mash Tun is a Rubbermaid 10 Gal Cooler with perforated plate false bottom. Kettle is a 50L Sanke keg with a 3Kw Element installed. 15m Copper Whirlpool immersion chiller. Pump is a 25L/m Magnetic drive pump. Hoses are all food grade reinforced plastic with Neta hose fittings on all ends and on all tank ends. Frame is just good old h3 dressed timer on caster wheels, Brew house is very very easy to use, 90% Efficiency regularly achieved with no stress, constant temperature through mash and sparge water, fast run off makes it easy to brew. Has brewed many of good homebrews from light lagers, IPA’s to Imperial Stouts. Brew House can brew between 15 and 40L of single mash beer with no dilution. Mill not included, Photo was of first stage but you get the Idea, will add a current photo of it soon 

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I have sellers remorse allready!! Enjoy the beers ones a RIS and the others an Imperial Imperial Russian Stout @ 18% abv so enjoy!!
Hi Mike, is there a particular plumbing shop you would recommend for the valve and tap the local one doesn't have stainless or brass ones, also I tried filling up the kettle with water and it appears to be leaking from the bottom of the whirl-arm join
Found a brass valve, now just need to find a tap that fits the mash-tun

Stink must be a hairline!! Will have to get it back off you again to give it a quick tack and you will be away



Cool that would be great, let me know what time / day would suit you for me to bring it over (can't on a Wednesday),


Tomorrow would be good I will be home from 6pm - 7pm and I will drop it off to you, where are you based?  

I'm based in Brooklyn, I can wait while you tack it, I'm quite far away so would be easier than dropping it off after.
Sure Would be easyier however I have to take it away to get Welded so we are shit out of luck!!

Dam, if you are coming into the city anyway drop off would be good, otherwise I can come back out to pick-up, between 6 and 7 still good for drop off?


Yeah sounds good!!
Any news on the leak?
Oh yeah got it sorted yeserday, Tig torch button broken!! Can drop off Sat if thats all good


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