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Since this is the most popular thread on the RealBeer.co.nz forum I thought I would start it here just to see what happens

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Kegged this Blueberry Wheat Beer recently and it's tasting pretty damn good.  The delicate aroma of the blueberries has disappeared through fermentation and the remaining flavour is more of a generic fruitiness rather than blueberries.  The beer is red/purple colour with a slight red/purple coloured head.

I screwed up the water volumes a little on this beer and ended up with 23L of beer when I was aiming for 21L.  I was expecting the body to be a bit thin but that CaraHell really fills out the body.  I'm enjoying CaraHell in my ligher beers at the moment.  Light & sweet with HUGE body.

Brewed an apple ale on the weekend... a lot of apple in the mix, and one other unusual ingredient. 2/3 of the ferementables were malt besed and I only used 20g of hops in 30L of beer (least hoppy beer I've ever made). Smells great in the fermenter, so I hope the mix of fermentables doesn't play too much havoc with the yeast.


The first of three beers I have planned with unusual ingredients over the next couple of months. First time I've actually got excited about that thing people call "radical brewing".

And its all thanks to me.....

Thanks Martin.


Have I told you lately that I love you?


bider? Ceer?

I have done a fair wack of beer and a bit of cider but I never considered mixing the two...

Smells like a snakebite to me.....


Got me an Smoked Chipoltle and Chocolate Amber planned for next weekend and a just a plain old IIPA planned for this weekend, IIPA's are so boring!!!!!

(yawn)                                                                                                                                   ;)

I'll add the raspberry cordial later...

Hahaha, will be intresting!!!!



Just finished the Imperial IPA, had a mere mashed in than started to weigh out hops, Didnt have as much Simcoe and Citra as I thought!! So had to sub them @ 10 


86% Gladfield Lager

8% Caramalt

6% Dextrose


68 Degree mash


30Ibu Nelson Sauvin FWH

3g/L Centennial @ 30

2g/L each Galaxy Nelson Sauvin @ 10

1g/L Zythos @ 10


2.5g/L Simcoe @ 0, Dryhop

2g/L Citra @ 0, Dryhop

1g/L Zythos @ 0, Dryhop  


1083 - 1.014 9% abv



100 Ca 10 Mg 220 S04 80 Cl


Interesting Mike. What do you reckon to the Zythos blend - is it a long term proposition or a short term fix until the new acreages get productive ?


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