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Seen something on Trademe that others maybe interested in...post it here

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Here's a kegging system offered by a Christchurch seller, looks like a good starter for somebody. Not sure if it's ballock or pin type.


its ball lock, going cheap. I brought one of his corneys through the brew club before he listed on trademe

I am selling my 50l stainless steel kettle with SS tap (converted keg) $1 reserve, its at about $25 at the moment - get in:


B***er! Didn't spot this in time otherwise I'd have been well in for it!

There's tons of stuff like this: http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.asp?id=148158322

However, I'm wary of what is actually in it and how knackered the plastic is.
And here's another kegging system that I have seen this evening, Not long to go until close though

Hey sparky....I finally got my fermenter back with it's latest upgrade; a wrap around dimple cooling plate. At the moment it's going to have cooling from the garden hose then out to water my lawn, but as soon as I track down some refrigeration gear (and then speak nicely to friendly electrician type...) it will be dial up temp control....

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :)
Wow!!! That's a Nice job.

Very efficient at cooling I would expect.
Corny kegs in Waitakere: http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.asp?id=155143322

Those are Stephen Plowmans kegs, you can also get them from Hallertau directly.
That's Steve from Hallertau. :) He's always happy to sell direct (though is very busy) and is traditionally very supportive of SOBA members, having been on the founding committee.
Imagine your beers conditioning in this puppy:
Old NZ Breweries Keg


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