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Congratulations to Dunc for taking 3rd place (again) and for choosing a very interesting beer for us all to try. Dunkel bock - style 6C according to BJCP 2015

link here: http://www.bjcp.org/docs/2015_Guidelines_Beer.pdf

Page 11 - This is a LAGER - so you may want to start brewing right quick. Good luck, and as usual, be sure to let me know if you have an entry.


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Oooh nice choice.  I'm actually tempted to brew for this one, despite it not being in my schedule.

One of the best home-brewed examples of this style I've ever had was sneakily brewed as an ale, albeit at very cool temps and with a weird almost dual-nature "house culture" yeast. So if you run short of time, you could always give it a go... Not that I'm saying it's a good idea, just that it CAN be done. ;)

OK, so I've got the winning beer in the keg all ready to go for next Saturday.

Who's money will I be taking?? :) Time for a round up!!

Beer made, just trying to get there somehow.

I have the winning example kegged, but I'm not going to be able to make it on Saturday as I'll be down in the Coromandel at Rising Can.

Anyone on the Shore able to take a couple of bottles across for me?

I guess we all have winning beers. Should be fun to judge. But the big question is will anyone be there?

Let me know if you will have a beer on Saturday. I wonder if we need to postpone? 



Well, from what I hear back, there are 4 entries: Dan, Martin, Dunc, and me. 
Dunc will be strugling to get to either date. Martin can make Dec but not Nov. We also have non-entries who would attend in Dec but not Nov.

Let's postpone to Dec. 5.

All right then - I guess I'll have to wait till then to get my money :)

See you in a few weeks.

Wow, small turnout. 

Normal kickoff time (i.e. 3pm) on Saturday?



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