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Has anyone used this yeast and can offer tips on getting the best out of it?  Does it like it cool and slow or is hot and fast the name of the game?

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Not the White Labs version, but used the Wyeast equivalent W1275 Thames Valley
I ferment at ambient, but I've liked it when it's cooler, around 16

Interesting JT, thanks.  The Whitelabs website says to ferment their strain between 20 and 23C.  That sounds high to me - glad you've confirmed my suspicions.

It's all personal preference and the beer you're brewing ... 20-23 might be just right for the style and your tastes, you just never know

Aye you're right there - but with my first foray likely to be a simple Ordinary Bitter to get to know the yeast I'd prefer to walk a middle line initially then tweak from there.

Given the geography I doubt Burton Ale and Thames Valley could be equivalents.

But I've found a good starting point for any English ale yeast is 18C (maybe 16C at a push) raising slowly to 24C towards the end of the ferment. 

I grabbed the comparison here http://www.mrmalty.com/white-labs.php

It was originally the Wyeast description of  'low fruitiness, low esters and is clean and well balanced' that encouraged me to use it and really like it best in the 16-18 range

20+ is good too, just not what I wanted

Good general advice  - and has worked for the small range of English yeasts I've used so far.  

I just wasn't sure if my general English yeast observations would work for this strain - particularly when they seemed a way off the recommended levels.  

By reports the Burton strain has a refined, fruity ester profile which also sounds bloody yum to me. 

I don't want this round of English beers to end up too full-o-fruit like they can with the WLP002/ WY1968 Fullers strain (which is too much for my tastes), or sweetish which is what I've got with WY1318.  So I'm keen to give the Burton the right temp treatment for where I want it to go. 

Lower than recommended is where I'll head with this one.

Cheers fellas 

I used the Whitelabs version a few months ago - I really liked it.

The first brew was a mild, fermented at 18'c nice and clean with low esters

The second brew was a paler ale, fermented at 20'c, again, a lovely clean beer but with slightly more esters - which I wanted.

Great yeast IMO.

I made a Bitter with it last month. Fermented at 20 degrees. The yeast is prominent, contributing those typical slightly fruity flavours. I think if I were to use it on a hoppier beer I would ferment cooler.

So I am finally sitting here tasting the Bitter made with Burton Ale yeast.

It has given it a creamy finish that I did not get when using dry S04 (I often use S04 dry yeast for test brews).. and it has finished slightly thicker than expected (when compared to S04 or Dennys Fav 50).


Since this yeast took itself up to 24C very quickly and then went mad I think I can taste a little ester in the beer.. just a touch but the 37IBU of Hallertau Armoa hops is over riding that pretty smartly.

This  bitter was mashed at 66C so it should be fairly dry but I can taste a sweetness to it.


I think I like this yeast but its intended uses are probably the dark ales... my porter & whiskey porter based on this yeast won't be ready for another 8 weeks or so.

Hi Tilt. Finally got around to sampling the latest Porters made with Burtons yeast.


The plan porter came up very nice... if a little sweeter than I wanted.

The porters that had whiskey added to their secondary were robbed of flavour (about the best description I can give it). So previously I used Whitelabs London Ale yeast for Whiskey porters and got a nice balanced malty porter with a hint of whiskey, the burtons yeast seems to cancel out some of the malt flavour and most of the whiskey.


I have 2 Imperical Stouts to bottle tomorrow night, again one with Burtons and the other with London Ale yeast.. It will be interesting to see the difference in a month.

Did you get around to using Burtons in your brew..?

Funny you mention vanilla, I've been getting that in my Pales with W1275 and didn't think I'd be etting it from my hops


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