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I have read some previous threads on this forum about lpg burners but still have a few questions and would like some recommendations. 

I am about to start brewing 20l batches in a 30l pot. I have a gas hob inside with a wok hob rated at 13,000 BTU but my understanding is that I will probably need something more powerful. My partner would also rather I didn't leave the house smelling like a brewery and so I would preferably like to get a burner I can use outside with our 9kg gas bottle we already have connected to our kitchen hob.

I seems most people use 3-ring burners. Would something like this be what I am after?

This burner does not have a stand so would I need to set it off the ground? Could I just balance it on a couple bricks and then have the pot suspended above it on more bricks?

Also, what kind of regulator do I need? Something like this. Or maybe this. Or would this suffice?

The other option is getting this form Amazon for around $150 delivered but I would rather stay more towards the $100 range total.

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I've got that burner. Works fine now that I've opened all the air intakes to their maximum. I just sit it on a concrete pad, then have the pot raised by bricks another 50mm or so above the burner's frame, as it would otherwise be too close. I took the burner to Bunnings and asked for help in chosing the correct fitting regulator. I BIAB with a heavy 50l stainless pot.

I wish I had bought the Bayou though. Would have cost the same all up assuming I had bought an adjustable regulator (which I'm still considering), and be a lot faster to bring my 36l of water to mashing temp in maintaining a good boil. I find my burner and reg to be ok, but sensitive to the wind and a bit too slow.

Thanks for the reply. Do you remember what you paid for the regulator? How long does your boil take? One thing I am worried about with the Bayou (other than the price) is the LPG consumption. I also don't want to go overkill as I am I limited to the size of my pot which is only 30l so I probably wont be doing double batches anytime.

I am also interested if anyone manages to use their kitchen hob for brewing.

I think the reg was $35 ish, so with the burner and its postage, the set up was only just cheaper than the bayou.

I boil for 90 mins, but it takes about 30mins to get fully going from the mash temp.

Does the overseas gear need any mods for NZ? Are the certified for NZ - ie if the house burns down will the insurance refuse to pay out?

The bayou is sold through fishpond.co.nz as well as amazon, so I doubt there are any issues with using it here:  http://www.fishpond.co.nz/Sports_Outdoors/Bayou-Classic-Outdoor-Pat...


I didn't realize fishpond sells it as well, although I think it comes out a little cheaper through Amazon and probably ships from the same place.

So it comes down to:

3-ring burner with normal regulator for ~$105

3-ring burner with adjustable regulator ~$150

Bayou + shipping ~$155

Any other options? What are peoples thoughts on this?

That's actually really cheap considerin there's a stand included. Those adjustable regulators are normally around $90 for a decent one too.

I guess I will see if my budget can stretch a bit and get the Bayou. I was hoping to spend around $100 but the Bayou does sound like a good deal.

I'll be stocking these in about 4 weeks if you can wait...

That looks perfect. And appears to come with all the required fittings and regulator? What postage would I be looking at to Chch?

To be honest, I'm only just setting up and hadn't gotten as far as to organise a courier. I can't imagine more than $14 or so.

And yes, regulator included. I'll get my hands on them mid Feb and put it through a rigorous test.

They look great. Would they take the weight of a converted 50 litre keg? Are you getting a few of these in?


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