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Hi All,

Looking at getting a proper magnetic stir plate and some flasks from labwarehouse.co.nz

stir plate and flasks drop in price when getting 2, 6, 10, etc (varies per product).... anyone want in to save some $$?




I'm planning to get 2x1L and 1x2L flasks.



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Thought about this a bit more, and should limit it to Wellington people.
I don't want to risk on-shipping stuff and it'd ruin the money saving aspect for out of towers anyways :)

You just answered my question :) Would have been in for 1 x 1l, 1 x 5l erlenmeyer flasks plus a stir bar but wasn't sure whether the shipping to Nelson would have defeated the purpose of a bulk order.

Yeah it might do. I think I'm going to go for a 1L a 2L and a 5L after some advice now.

I see you save over $10 per flask when buying 2x5L and then another 9 if I hit 4x5L
So if the numbers get up there, it might be worth it for people out of WLG.

I'm just not going to take any liability for shipping damage. Will wrap as well as possible, but they should be well packed from labwarehouse to me anyways.

Yerp I will grab 1 stir plate and 2 x 2ltr flasks then

Timing Mr Marquis is impecable.... Put me down for a 5 litre.

Haha gutted!

That puts me 1x5L flask (including integer) away from getting them at $50 instead of $70.

Would like to put the order in this week, so get in quick people!

Nice. I find my computer fan + magnets + dimmer switch and some 1/2 G Jars do the job nicely... Instructions for free all over the interwebs.

Yeah, I've seen the DIY ones. I'm just too slack and would prefer a proper one.

i upgraded to an 8 litre one..

haven't used that lab warehouse. happy to sell if someone wants. only got 1 stir bar though..

$100 + $5 shipping.

$100 for your stirplate?  I call dibs!
Depending on what it is... homemade or brand, etc?

Keen on an 8 litre one, time for an upgrade, where to find them?

it's the same one as the labwarehouse one. i bought it from there. so same specs as theirs. labwarehouse ones don't come with power supply.. i use my sony psp one i believe.


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