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Does any one have a second hand corney keg they are looking to offload in reasonable condition? Am about to make the jump from bottling into kegging and trying to keep the initial $$ outlay minimal. Brewshop seem to sell these for $100 reconditioned but are out of stock at present and no estimate as to the next shipment. 

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All ye can do is keep yer eye on Trademe or wait for one of the HomeBrew stores to have them.  Or buy slightly more expensive ones made in China.

Thanks Chig, Scored one last night...

brewshop just posteda picture of 1100 kegs not sure if new or second hand, but they'll be on the brewshop site soon.

One..? Nothing worse than having a beer ready to keg and no keg.

Mine turned up this morning... They are old Coca Cola corney kegs. Refurbished and pressure tested.

Yes only one, funds didn't allow for a second one at present. Hopefully the shipment of 1100 corneys wont sell out too quickly.


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