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I'm gradually getting all the bits and pieces together to build a single tier AG rig (similar to this).  Each time I get paid I'm making an effort to buy one or two more pieces in the hope I can be up and running before summer.


I'm looking for a good supplier for SS fittings, ideally in Wellington, but that's not a deal breaker.  I plan to place a reasonably sizeable order too, so a willingness to negotiate on price will definitely help me make a decision.


I've found a US supplier (bargainfittings.com) with several kits made up which are exactly what I'm after, but surely I can find a good supplier closer to home - I'll definitely consider an Aussie supplier too because I'm over there often.


I've listed some of the parts I'm after with links to images.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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Last time I got fittings from INZhydro Graham said he was selling the business and the new owners weren't interested in keeping the fittings side of the buiness going. This was probably about 6m ago or longer.

If someone tells me what they want I'll get a quote from a local supplier and let you know what they can do it for (special company discount - apparantly ...)


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