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for my lagers I've been using Weyermanns pilsner, munich and melanodin malts. can anyone comment on flavour differences between the weyermanns and gladfields malts. if there no major differnce then I'd rather save money and buy local


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I can't say the differences, but when i use pils, i use gladdies exclusively, although to be fair, i use gladfields for 90% of beers.

the freshness is really there, nice crsip flavours and so on.

you won't regret it, but as forthe differences i dont know.

I love me a gladfield pils SMASH with gentle wakatu hoping and wlp029. I've made the same with weyerman and it was nice too, though a lighter colour. These are great beers for your friends who don't like IPAs and strong hop tastes while being really popular with beer nuts.

"These are great beers for your friends who don't like IPAs and strong hop tastes" - Who are these people - and why are you friends with such heathens :D

Just kidding.

This is almost exactly what I am brewing next except I have 5% Gladfield Vienna pegged in there too.

so I just kegged a nz pils using gladfields. it was my first attempt at this style and out so far its very tasty. I've been using gladfields for ales based on this i'll be using it for lagers as well 

I now use Gladfields almost exclusively.  Fresh and local, and make some tasty beers.

After a bad bout of food poisoning I can no longer handle bitterness so my recent brews are now malt and aroma centric with bitterness on the lower end.

With that in mind i've shifted from ales to lagers and the last two brews have been gladfield pilsner malt with differing aroma hops (wakatu vs sauvin).

I honestly think that the first attempt was the best tasting beer I've made yet but there's massive room for improvement particularly around getting the minerals right; Alicetown has very low mineral values and the hops aroma didn't come through like I expected so the malt is very obvious but good.


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