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I have been using BrewMate for 3 to 4 years now... on the whole I find it a pretty quick and simple to use.... but V1.26 introduced a pre-boil gravity bug that deserves a little warning.


Normally when I am try out a new scratch recipe I design it at 30litres and the scale it to 4-5litres for a test BIAB brew.

For the last 6 months this software has been calculating pre-boil gravities at equal or higher than the post boil gravity.

At first I thought nothing of it but lately I noticed the bug has effected IBU calculations as well (when compared to BeerSmith or other tools).  It also effects larger size beers since it is just more obvious when brewing really small brews.


Of course I have sent an e-mailed to the author but I haven't heard back.... so I just thought I might warn others.

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Thats odd. I just checked a few of my recipes and none have this problem. Not sure whats going on with your one 

hmmm I have installed this on a second computer, entered a simple 5.0% brew and bling.. just like the attachment above.

If I am wrong I'ld be happy but I have been battling this for a few months.

Try a 4L brew with 1kg of 2row and 0.25kg of caramalt...

4L batch, 1kg 2-row and 0.25 caramalt give me this:


Which is wonky as you suggest. Wonder if its related to the volume then.

Increasing the batch size to 20L, I get the results you'd expect

yeah...  its has always worked a treat in the past but now its a bit arghhhh...  it gets worse if you are doing a 6% or higher beer.

btw thanks... I thought I was going a bit cockoo...


It's not so bad when you know it is there... but now that I know it effects IBU calcs as well it is annoying me a little more (especially when doing the WC-IPA comp).


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