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So looking back it looks like the last time a get together was organise was about a year ago. I was thinking about New Year's resolutions today and thought I should really get out there and met some other brewer.

I was also thinking that if it was to be a more regular, standard, occurance it would be nice to not have to organise where the next one will be held, etc. so what about meeting up at Brewers Bar for a couple of beers and talk some crap.

Was also thinking about starting up that case swap, my thoughts were if we brought XX amount of bottles to the monthly meeting (if you have anything you want to share/get feedback on) we can divide them up during the meeting, drink at home and then give feedback on here or at the next meeting.

So what are your guys thoughts? I'm slaughter at work until next year so maybe the first or second week of 2013 - Thursday night? or would everyone prefer a weekend night?

Cheers guys!

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Hey Matt

Sounds like a good plan.  I am keen to chew the fat with some other brewers & bottle swap to get some feedback. Second or third week of January work okay for me.  Location & Thursday night sounds good.



Sounds like a plan, keen as to get together with some like minded chaps, Brewers works for me & thursdays are good.

Be good to get some feedback on brews and see what everybody else is producing, i'll try not to poison anybody ;-)




Sweet as guys, I'll look into sending out a group email and organise it for Thursday 24/01/2013. Might be able to sneak a quick brew in over the holidays to bring along.


Are we still on 4 tonight, any idea on time?



Hi Noel

We have just sold / are in the middle of moving out of our house, so the timing didn't work for me.  Am definately keen to still catch up if others are keen - perhaps 28 Feb? 

Sorry guys, works been kicking my ass between here, Edgecumbe and Waitoa. Hopefully it will settle down soon. I also realised that the beginning of the month would probably be a bit better due to being paid monthly and always running out by the 4 week!

Email to go out tonight, 2 weeks time - 7th Feburary, 8pm @ Brewers. (?)

Sorry again for being slack!

We are moving on the 7th, so will be stuffed by 8pm.  Will cacth up at the next one.  On the up side of moving, I met a fellow brewer at the storage unit where I am storing some gear - mentioned this catch up to him!  Cheers, Gary.

Cool, 7th works for me, lets reconfirm a few days before.


Hey guys, sweet as I will confirm on Tuesday. Sorry that I've organised it on another moving day for you Gary, definatly keen to catch up a the next one (7 March?). Good luck with the move and all!


OK, confirmation that this is going ahead

Brewers bar this Thursday 7th Feb @ 8pm

See you guys there!

Hey guys,

The catch up earlier this month was great, good to get together with like minded people who are passionate about beer/brewing!

So anyone keen for another one next month, same time / same place - 7th March 8pm @ Brewer's?

I managed to bottle up some of the Pale Ale so will bring that along this time, was hoping to have one more ready but I think the Brown Porter will not make it in time.


Sorry for the late reply Matt, thursday works for me, i will endeavour to bottle an experimental KPA that's currently crash chilling.

Anybody else in the area interested in coming along, Brewers serve a good pint!




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