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Has anyone got a water report from the DCC and understood it?


If so did you start making adjustments to your water?


I got a report but I had trouble matching up the parameters with what was in John Palmer's "How to Brew." (and knowing what section of the report applied to St Clair)

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Hi I'm new around here and this is exactly what I was looking for.

Now I managed to find this floating  around the internet. 


Now the readings look all over the place and I'm guessing that this is the water hardness before the reasonable soft water travels through the infamously old Dunedin water pipes. Someone a lot smarter then me might be able to make more sense of this data.

I'm new to brewing and haven't made any water adjustments yet. I've just been using Camden tablet to chlorinate. I'm also interested to know what most Dunedinite Brewers do? Just leave it be?

I see a lot of people filling up fermenter's at Speights (so I'm assuming they're brewing with it) - I've heard that water is very hard. What are peoples experience with that?

Any help would be great!

Below is the info for southern (musselburgh, waverley andy bay ect)

Citilab is actual sample after runnin through a 0.5micron filter.

The other is an average based on the past 12-18 months average ex the council weekly test spread sheet.

I got a report from citilab and cross ref'd it with the heinous report i got from the council that had too much info.

My Water ex Southern

2 year average total harness as CaCo3. 34.6 (citilab nov 41)

1 year average total alkalinity as CaCo3 23.5 (citilab nov 34)

Calcium 13-18 ppm
(citilab nov 10.6)

Bicarbonate 29-43 ppm
(citilab nov 41)

Sulphate 1-2 ppm
(citilab nov. 3.4)

Chloride 10-15
(citilab nov 10)

Magnesium 1.82

Sodium 6.13

PH 8.08

Happy brewing gents.


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