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Just brewed what may be Extra Stout!

I used:

1.5Ib Pale Malt (thanks Stu!)
8oz Crystal Malt
6oz Black Malt
1oz Wheat Malt
1oz Unmalted Roast Barley
.5oz Ground Coffee Beans (Havana)

1.8Kg Coopers Real Ale Kit (unfortunately it wasn't the dark version)
500gms Brown Sugar
30z Sticklebract Hop Cones
Yeast that came under the can of the Coopers kit

I miss the old Guinness Stout that came in a bottle that we had over ten years ago. (The yellow label stuff) It was 4.8% and it actually had bubbles in it! There's a Nigerian version at Regional Wines & Spirits which is 8.0% and it is GREAT! It's very similar to the one we had. I miss it.

Anyway, I'm hoping this creation I've just brewed might almost be similar to it. If anything it'll be a dark ale which is fine. :)

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Comment by Greig McGill on March 22, 2009 at 9:49am
Pounds and ounces??? When will the madness end? ;)
Comment by cerevisia on March 22, 2009 at 11:23am
Haha, true! :D


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