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Hello fellow brewers,

Thought it a good idea to put it out to the wider brewing community, is there a production made off the shelf electric control panel [nz or aus made] available on the NZ market? I've done some searching and it doesn't look good, ie there is nothing out there. 

following this line of questioning, if one was available though what would be a fair price to pay for it?

My system is as follows:
3 vessel [HLT, Mash Tun [infusion mash - converted 10gallon cooler], Boil Kettle.

A control panel to compliment this setup would be ideal.

2 x elements, no HERMS/RIMS
PIDs and a timer would be good, and
2 x switches for pumps.

Any guidance and cost one might pay or where to find a panel [in nz] would be much appreciated.

thanks everyone in advance.

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