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The first parts have been ordered.



  • 2 x March 815 SS-C 230V Pumps from the States. This distributor's shipping was showing half that of their listing on eBay. BUT... after ordering, they emailed to let me know their site doesn't calculate shipping correctly. Cost was US$180 per pump and US$113 for shipping two of them. Still way cheaper than buying through the NZ distributor but ouch!
  • And then it hit NZ customs. So the calculation was pump prices plus shipping multiplied by Customs' exchange rate. The total attracts GST at 15% + a ~$45 set of processing fees. So the costs were up there, but I was quoted NZ $800 for a single pump from the NZ distibutor and it cost me less than that for the two.

Ball Valves, Quick Disconnects, and Silicon Tube


* Amazon references - I used the link from theelectricbrewery.com


  • Silicon Tube(brewshop.co.nz)
  • PBW(brewshop.co.nz)
  • 1/2" copper tube (Chesters) - this was for the keg/fermenter cleaner set up
  • PTFE Tape (Bunnings)



  • 13/16" Chassis Punch [metric is 20.6mm. You can get 20mm or 25mm here so I got the 20mm and used a file to widen the hole. Worked a treat] - Saeco Wilson and Wilson Bros are now the same company in NZ. Here is the punch



Whilst shopping aliexpress, I picked up:

I should probably explain that as part of this upgrade, I build:

Linked to their own pages in this blog.

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