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Having found the other blogs on this site incredibly useful, I thought I would pay-it-forward and record my own journey to "going electric".

Like others, I am basing my build heavily on The Electric Brewery


I started brewing 4 years ago and have been all grain BIAB for 3. Initially using a 35l SS pot, I upgraded to a Blichmann 20Gal 18 months ago. I keg and temperature control fermentation in a fridge.

Rationale for building The Electric Brewery:

I love brewing and can see this will be a lifetime obsession. I want much better consistency in my beers, and controlling mash temps (protein, step, mash, and mash out) are critical for this process.

Starting equipment:

I already have the following before heading down this journey:

  • 20Gal Blichmann Boilermaker (G1)
  • Blichamann False Bottom for 20Gal Boilermaker
  • Immersion Chiller
  • 35l SS Pot
  • Grain Mill
  • 4 ring gas burner

Staggered Build:

I intend to build my brewery in stages for cost purposes. The plan at the moment is:

1. Build a single-level RIMS (similar to the Brew-Easy) using my existing 2 pots listed above. Adding 2x March 815 pumps, ball valves and silicon hoses. Pumps will have to operate off a standard power board (4 plug usual household sort) for now. This should allow me to recirculate the mash and heat exchange using my existing Immersion Chiller (adding compression fittings and quick disconnects for ease).

2. Build the control box (electric brewery). This scares the crap out of me as I know nothing about electricity components (using a sparky to build, but I have to source the parts and don't know an SSR from a DIN Rail!

3. Acquire a second Blichmann Boilermaker with BoilCoil (I like the idea of being able to disconnect the power from the kettle). I am also aware of Kal's views on this here.  This will be the Boil Kettle. Not sure at this stage if it will be a 20Gal or 30Gal. The idea of 3 Corny Kegs from a batch appeals, which would require a 30Gal. Haven't got my head around how to get a 30Gal boil from a 20gal mash and 20gal sparge yet, but I know it is possible.

4. Once I have the full electric brewery finalised and running, the plan is to move to a dedicated brewery in a 20' sea container. I have drawn up the plans and started costing it all, incorporating a walk in fridge. Will blog that project if it ever gets off the ground.

To help me through the process, I have set up a page on this forum for those that have been through this before, to let us know what they would do differently next time. A wise man learns from his mistakes. A wiser man learns from other's mistakes!

Comments, guidance and opinions welcome!

Wish me luck.


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