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Well, ive decided to finally start a blog to stop me clogging up the forums with all my banter :oP In my defence im stuck at a boring desk all day, 5 days a week, and what else is there to do other than read about beer?

Last night me and Nicole went out for dinner, just the two of us, for the first time since Enzo was born - 10 months ago if youre wondering - and of course, we had to go somewhere decent, somewhere that has not only excellent food, but something more than excellent to drink - For Nicole as well as myself of course! ;o)

So Hallertau it is, I love it because not only do they have awesome beers on tap, but they have an awesome selection in the fridge, awesome, really different food, and some amazing fruit wines which are quickly becoming Nicoles favourite wine!! Means I dont have to try very hard to convince that this is where we should go..

Started off with some kransky cheese sausages, an 'Amber Lager' or Marzen, the new beer at the moment which the staff told me had been hopped with Smoothcone, and a Fejoia fruit wine for nicole.. The lager was really smooth and drinkable, caramelly with a fresh hop aroma, I dont know why people bag smoothcone so much, seems to me like a fairly tasty, non offensive hop..

Main course for me was kolsch battered fish with home made tartare sauce and a side of kolsch battered onion rings - Man, does it get any better than this? Washed down by a Deception which was truely on form.. Nicole had the fish of the day which looked spectacular and enjoyed this with a Nashi which is a pear/peach wine?

And to finish off a Tiramisu Tart lathered with coffee and chocolate - enjoyed with a glass of Boysenberry still wine..

And then to takeaway - A case of mixed fruit wines (which is currently 15% off untill end of march), a Three boys wild Plum, and a Porter Noir - I saw the humbug ale in the fridge too Stu but wasnt too keen on a blue cheese beer :oP

Man, what a good night, and Galbraiths after work tonight, truely awesome :o)

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Comment by JoKing on March 20, 2009 at 9:36am
You lucky bastard. Make the most of it, I say - you dont get many oppotunities in this life to be stoked. Isn't it funny when such small things make you feel so special. Good reading too - I feel your joy!
Comment by Reviled on March 20, 2009 at 9:41am
lol I know what you mean, I forgot to mention, last night was the first time we were actually happy to loiter at the table after dinner, pre child we allways used to get up and go home straight afterwards, but we were happy to just enjoy the piece and quiet whilst being waited on hand and foot :o) Im sure youll experiance this soon enough Jo ;oP
Comment by JoKing on March 20, 2009 at 10:28am
Nah - we'll be OK.

I just went to the plastic surgeon and found out that we can install a Kangaroo type pouch on Christinas tummy, so that when the baby starts crying we can throw it in the pouch. It's the latest thing, apparantly it reminds them of being in the womb - and calms them to the point that you can do anything you want.

It's good 'till they're 3 - then you have to rear them as normal.


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