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It starts out small, a wish for beer,
A kit and kilo, a drink is near!
In the mix the kit and sugar go,
The outcome a fate we all know.

The beer tastes soapy and a little shit,
The boys cry out says it's not a hit.
So what's next on this epic undertaking,
To get beer that is not painstaking.

We invest in the gear to start from scratch,
Mash tun and grain mill are part of the catch.
A little more bling we buy it all new,
The missus will blow on the first view.

The first batch is fraught with misinformation,
But that beer works out better than the best in the nation.
I made this beer with my hands and interest,
But the advise you gave me was simply the best.

So I sit here drinking the beer that I made,
Not caring about the gear and how much I paid.
It's easy to get there with friends like you,
Thanks for giving me advise with your point of view!

Merry Christmas Realbeer forum guys, I look forward to getting your advise again in the New Year!

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Comment by Tony on December 25, 2009 at 7:42pm
Merry Xmas mate, nice prose.

The missus will blow on the first view. Hmmmm, lucky bugger ;)
Comment by Ron on January 6, 2010 at 8:57am
Nice stuff James,
Happy New Year to you too.


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