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What a fantastic style. I wish I had time to make this one but with travel plans (issue, which I will raise in a bit).

Oatmeal Stout: BJCP Category 16B

Overall Impression: A very dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty ale with a complementary oatmeal flavor. The sweetness, balance, and oatmeal impression can vary considerably.

Let's keep our current location at Brother's Beer Auckland. Nick said he was happy for us to be there.

DATE: with Beervana the weekend of 12th, I need you all to decide on a date in Aug that works for you. The issue being that I am going on holiday from 16Aug returning end of Oct. I need someone to take on the task of choosing date, arranging with Brothers and the rest of WBC, bringing the judging sheets and general organizing for this one.

Who can do it? - Peter has volunteered - Thanks!!! 

Please email me - NZBeerIQ@gmail.com and I can let you know what to do.


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Well not sure about everyone else, but our Stouts in the Fermenter now.....

We may not have ensured a good seal on the lid....


I have an oatmeal in the keg now that is close enough to style stout, and brewing another this week, I posted a link

on  https://www.facebook.com/groups/no1queenstreethomebrewclub/    to try and get a few more entries

I am keener on CBD due to public transport so brothers is a big tick for me.

Glad to see we have people brewing this style.

Now - do we have any volunteers to take on the organisation? Someone choose a date. Aug 20 is the weekend after Beervana, Aug 27 is last weekend in Aug. Pick one.

I would be happy to organise it if we go for August 27th....

would give a few people more time to perhaps brew would try to twist a few new peoples arms....

Thanks Peter

So 27Aug it is. Brother's Beer CBD. 

Good Luck!

Ready to go! How many others?

Simon and I have a Chocolate Rye, Oatmeal Stout set to go.....

I'm away on the day, Si Will be representing!

With Bru's and my entry that's four. Hope there's a few more. $40 of winnings will just cover my petrol.

$30!! Second gets their entry back!

3rd place is where it's at anyway.... ;P

Guys and girls,  we are all ready to go, meet at Brothers CBD at 2:30pm for registration, Judging will begin at 3pm sharp.

Not sure if its ok for the organiser to enter but I have an entry?

I have an entry. See you all there.

Big thanks to our three judges today.   Its the feedback on the sheets and being able to talk to the judges over a few beers that really make this event.  Also thanks to Brothers for allowing us to hold the event .

A total of 7 entries with Simon taking 1st place with a score of 31.

The overall score distribution was   31,28,20,14,11,8,7

Bruce got 3rd and after some soul searching the next style is to be  1D. American Wheat Beer,  

I will start a new thread in the next few minutes.   


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