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Hi All,

Ok, I have also moved this for Easter. Let me know if you can make it. Hoping the date doesn't clash with too many things. 

John has selected one of his favourite styles for our next competition: Smoked beer. 

According to BJCP, category 32A:

Overall Impression: A smoke-enhanced beer showing good balance between the smoke and beer character, while remaining pleasant to drink. Balance in the use of smoke, hops and malt character is exhibited by the better examples.

Let me know if you have an entry.

See you there

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That's Easter weekend, so I guess there is a chance people will be away. Or maybe not. I'll probably be around - now to think of something to add smoked malt to!

Also, many people you might want as judges (Joe, Steve, myself) will be off to the USA to judge that "other" WBC. ;)

Sounds like it could be a poor turn out for a great style. How about we make it Saturday April 2?

Agreed. Moving date to 02April.

I'm in.

Who's in? Bruce and I have an entry each.

I'm in. My beer may not be a winner, but I like it. Trying to hold off drinking it so there's some left for next weekend!

What time is kickoff on Saturday?

Usual time. 3:00

See you there!

By the way, I have asked to have a table out in the new beer garden. Depending on the weather, you may want to bring a jacket.

Congratulations to Dunc, who took out first with a silver medal from our very tough judges.

John was second and Dunc's second beer was 3rd. 

Now - because of the poor turn out since increasing the number of events, we have decided to change WBC back to quarterly. We are also considering moving locations but I will send out an email with the decision once confirmed.

Do shoot me an email if you want to be informed in this way - nzBeerIQ@gamail.com

Hi Barbara, 

Is your email actually gmail.com?


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