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ok guys I think it's that time again...


I'm proposing Sunday 6th Oct at my place out on the farm.  This gives you all time to sort your lives out  :)

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Hey Fairlane. I just moved back to the bay after 10 years in Auckland. Keen to meet some local brewers, hopefully see you then!

Hi Matt, no probs - the more the merrier

Hi Fairlane I am keen. Shall we bring one of our brews each, like last time, to do some tasting? Where is your place. Steve

I'll have to pass as we'll be living in the Craft Beer Capital by then ;)

you'll have to join the wellington one :D

Two good groups on Facebook i've joined already ;)

ha, yer bout due. keen to try everyones new beers. I should have 4 or 5 new ones by then as well..

what's the address?

Definitely bring a beer or two - I don't want you guys draining my reserves :)


717 Puketitiri Rd

Ok Guys, I'm in.
New Pale Ale going in the kegs tomorrow and collaboration Pilsner coming up next week. Imperial Coffee Choc Porter should be ready by then as well.

Right if you guys are still keen, how about 2pm on Sunday...?


And if you're trying to find my place it's the last black cottage down a very long driveway

ahh actually it looks like Saturday might be better for me... how is that with everyone else...?

working sat. can do 2pm sunday though..


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