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Just wondered if any of you are partaking.  Sounds like good excuse to brew another beer and have a bit of fun along the way.

I'm housing a brewday with a few folk who are keen to learn about AG brewing.

Im planning on a Little Creatures Clone with a recipe I'm pulling together based on LC Web Site Infor (I can't believe how much hops they use for dry hopping ( basically 100g in 25L brew!)

On taste will be an 4 different beers inc a 2 on Tap, an ESB Clone & a Summer Ale Style beer but no really a clone that the wife loves and I do too!

So if you keen - Post here and share what your up too.

Then in 6 weeks - if you in the Auckland area - we can share a pint or two of our brews somewhere - happy to host!.

TO get beer discussion going I've add the recipe as it stands and attached (from BeerSMith) 

I'm now using the Weyermann Malt Aroma - Wort profiles (https://www.weyermann.de/eng/gelbe_seiten_en.asp?go=mr&umenue=y... ) for the malts and tasting the real LCIPA to decide the final grain mix, and based on LC Web Site and assuming the ingredients are listed in order of contribution - I've pulled together the attached recipie after the first tasting session.

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Hey Chris, I loved LCPA fresh in Aussie but not been impressed with it when it reaches NZ.

For your recipe?  Nottingham's not going to do the  job here, if you're using dry, the usual is S05

Past that, I've brewed  a take on it based on the discussions on AHB, but not done a good job so shouldn't comment further. 

I won't be brewing next Saturday, but all the best for yours and well done on getting more people involved in good beer


100g is nothing, ive seens anywhere up to 3-400g as dryhops in IPA's, and regularly dryhop my pale ales with a 60-100g

Well I had a great day with my brew crew.

The beers fermenting Nicky away and we tasted the wort -very very promising. 

Dry ray hopping still to go.


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