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$50+GST / month


"McDuffs" brewery for sale. Never heard of it, but the flagon prices look cheap!


That looks like a fairly hefty price tag in my humble opinion.

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why not start out as a contract brewer... no capital required.

that way you can focus on marketing, distribution etc...

Thats not the uni one is it?

Wouldn't have a clue, did they trade as McDuffs?

Is/was in the Uni part of town

McDuffs, sounds like a scottish simpsons collaboration.......

Brewed by Groundskeeper Willie I'll be bound.

was Duff/Duffs brewery a few years back,The Simpsons cartoon crowd/cronies got lawyers involved as Duff was Homers fav brew.They went with McDuffs name instead of a court battle from memory.

They started as Bogart's Brew Barn in the Octagon. They make a really good Stout but the rest is pretty average. They have a bottling plant etc but is well over priced.


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