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Hi all...

Im getting towards the end of my build...dont ask for any pics its a fairly ghetto 3v AG system with stuff I had lying around the house and a few things I've bought...however I've been on a pretty tight budget as I am getting married in Feb '12..Its hard to justify to the mrs that my brewing hobby is just as important as the forthcoming date. In my head it is...but thats another story.

I digress...I am now wanting to buy/build an immersion chiller to chill my wort. Now I am two minds...buy second hand or make my own. I've been keeping an eye on TM but not much on atm...I have heard that the seller 'Brass123' is one to keep an eye on for reasonable priced copper tubing.

I am assuming there are peeps out there who have upgraded from their immersion to plate chillers or gone down the no chill method, therefore wanting to know if anyone out there has an immersion chiller laying around that they may wish to sell.

Or do I just wait a little longer, and make my own...

Open to suggestions : )


p.s. Im in Hamilton the city of the future if that helps.

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I'm looking for an IC as well Mark, so if you end up making one yourself, or if someone with welding skills is willing to whip one up for you I'll jump in if possible and can get 2 done at the same time ;) 


Hey Mark,

I have ordered some tubing and plan to make an IC once it arrives.  I prob have enough for two so if I dont mess up the first one will make another to sell.  I am just up the road in Waiuku, so will keep you posted.


Hey Alan. That sounds good...definately keep me posted. I have family near waiuku so that could work. If you do have enough for a 2nd let me know. Cheers and happy new year!

Hi Alan,


I'm new to RealBeer and also trying to put together a copper IC.  Can I ask where you sourced your tubing from?



Hi Andy,

It's a pity there isn't a wiki component to this forum so we could have an FAQ on building/sourcing equipment specific to NZ. Maybe I should get off my butt and start one :-).

The usual source for cheap copper tubing is seller "brass123" on Trade Me. A quick search on this forum will turn up a bunch of happy customers, including myself. If he doesn't currently have something listed drop him an email, his address should turn up when searching the forum.

Cheers, Brett.

There's some good stuff in a featured section called The Library, worth checking out and updating if you can

Cheers, jt

Thanks for that Brett. I had already followed threads about the famous brassman, have checked his trademe listing and emailed him at the same time I as posted my question to Alan.  Yet to have reply from him. Also noticed he doesn't seem to have had any listings on trademe in some time, so not sure if he is still sourcing tubing.  We'll wait and see.  Thanks for the reply


I believe he sells surplus stock from his work, so maybe Christmas got in the way ;-)

I've bought from him and was very happy with the deal. My son-in-law is a plumber and even he can't get copper at that price.


Hey Andy, I ordered my tubing from the famous Brassman.. just emailed him round xmas.  Cost was $66 for 15m of 1/2" tubing plus $10 freight.  Has yet to arrive.. so it is iether a good deal or i have been swindled.  Time will tell.

I have this guy saved in Trademe, and will be emailed when he lists again...I see he hasnt listed since a few week's before Xmas...must be on holiday : )

Hoping to pick some up from him, as thats a bloody good buy compared with immersion chiller prices from other brew suppliers...

Thanks all the advice folks.

I heard from Mr Brassman (Brian) today and have also put an order through.  Was quoted $77 incl courier to me here in Auckland, so price sounds comparable Alan.

Guess we both wait to see if it comes through, but from all the recommendations on this site, I can't see there being a problem.

Hey Andy, have you got a contact email for Brian? Would prefer to email him direct, rather than wait for Trademe. Want to get one fabricated up so I can break in my AG set up.



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