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A recent auction for a stainless conical fermenter has made me ask myself some serious questions about what I should buy next for my 'Brewery'.

So here's a hypothetical question. If you were going to spend, say, $200 - $500 on beer gear, what would you buy?

I'd be looking at the beginnings of a kegging setup.

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Is this a generous donation of brewing equipment/money - or hypothetical question?
Hypothetical question.
That Fermenter if I can should I of said that?
Auction hasn't closed yet ;-)
If I had $500

$150 for a nice, fridge-only-fridge for kegerator, so I can bin my fridge-freezer.

$200 for all the little bits and pieces for my new single-tier brew-rig (which I'll be spending tomorrow anyway :-(....)

$140 or so for a sack of pils and sack of Marris Otter

The last tenner on some hops.

Shit $500 doesn't go far.
Definitely planning on buying a kegging setup soon. Tired of storing many boxes of mouldy bottles in the basement. Unsure the best approach - buy overseas re-conditioned, buy locally and re-condition myself, or buy locally re-conditioned (and save time and hassle). Getting my hands on a C02 bottle seems more of a challenge..
Buy kegs locally from Hallertau, they may need a bit of a smarten up with seals etc but great value. I've gone the BOC way on the CO2 cylinder.

Thanks for the advice Rich, will do some investigation.
I'd spend $500 on US hop varieties. I know the NZ, UK, Nobles are great - but I have to say... I'd spend $500 on US hops. They are truly great.
I'm hooked on real US hops. Got a APA in primary with Centennial, had a whiff today, smells sooooooooooo good right now and hasn't even been dry-hopped.

Still got a baggie of Simcoe from CB.com.au, and have no idea what to brew with it. Want to really showcase it as I've heard its great.
I still have a kilo left too. I find it works great with a more citrus type hop over a dedicated batch. Dry hop 50/50 with amarillo is good in a 5% abv pale ale. Then again the passionfruit and pine standalone would probably be worth showcasing in a similar beer.
Funny you mention that, I just read that it's a good match with Amarillo, to be honest I've never been that impressed with that hop. Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.


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