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Does anyone know the height of an upright freezer needed to fit 2 25L carboys on top of each other? I want to buy one on trademe to be able to control fermentations.

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I don't know the exact figure but you'll need to focus on the internal dimensions of the freezer. The internal height will need to allow for the two carboys, some framing to support top carboy, enough space to manouvre the carboys in and out and potentially some room for a floor if the floor of the freezer isn't flat. You may also want to allow space for the airlock or you could just cover the top of the carboy with tin foil and forget about airlocks. Hope that helps.

Thansk Mr Cheery. Would a chest freezer be better? Most of the uprights seem to have some shelves which are not removable which takes away ability to stack 2 carboys. Was going for upright due to ease of access and cleaning versus lowering  a carboy into chest freezer.


Does anyone use a freezer for 2 carboys to control fermentation?

I got a fridge only a couple of months back that can fit 2x30l brewcraft fermenters at a squeeze. Height was something like 1.68m from memory (I can measure this weekend if you wish). Blow off tubes rather than airlocks may help height wise.  

Do you find a fridge works ok rather than a freezer? Do you have some means of controlling the temperature?

If you wouldn't mind measuring the fridge, that'll be good. Was thinking of getting a chest freezer but thought it may get a bit difficult to take samples let alone lifting the carboys in and out. Cheers

Have read through this thread. There's some good info in there:

looks like it's going to be easier to source a chest freezer rather than upright. Will organise a temperature controller in the meantime and give this some more thought. I did check out that thread previously and had some good ideas. Thanks

Hi Michael.

I use a chest freezer. It easily holds 3 glass carboys.  I use a temp controller from http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/103446246.html . Shipped direct from china. I Just bought a second one of these for a conditioning /serving freezer - it worked out at $36 NZ including shipping.  They do require a bit of wiring for plugs but was pretty easy.  

On the minus you do have to lift the carboys in and out.

Hi Mark, tried to check out your link but the site was down. However, this showed up in google:


Glad yours came through ok. There seems to be a few temperature controllers on the market, liking the look of the tempmate but is quite a bit more expensive than the $36 you paid. 

I've got a few controllers through aliexpress and know of a lot more people with them. No worries. Think you can also similar ones on Ebay if you'd prefer to use that marketplace. eg this one

Is there any other way of getting power leads through the fridge/freezer without drilling holes? There will be the temp probe & an immersion heater power lead.

my current one seals up ok with the leads just shut in the door. YMMV. My old one we have to take a small slice out of the seal and bog the cable in with silicone. still easier than drilling holes though.


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