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Too often it feels like we are quick to complain but slow to compliment.

I experienced an issue with a dodgy bottle of Renaissance Pale Ale before Christmas. I emailed the brewery and Andy was quick to reply and sent me a 4-pack sampling box to make up for it.

Big thumbs up to Renaissance and Andy - great customer service and opportunity to try some different beers too.

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Nice. So good to hear when companies do the right thing by their customers...

Renaissance always seem to be one of the most consistent. Unfortunately I too had a bad pale ale experience before Christmas. Bought two bottles, first one was funky, haven't gotten around to trying the second to see if it has the same problem but it sounds like it might. Hasn't tarnished my impression of them though, great brewery!

Their blonde ale is such a banger!

Sorry.. have to disagree there. That Paradox Blonde (tried last night) was very dissapointing. Only real flavour came from the hops.. it lacked a beer taste and reminded my of a not so good pilsner.

Love some of Renaissance's other beers but not that one.

Each to their own aye? I'm not really a fan of their pale ale, but I really enjoy the blond.

The Rennie boys are some of my heroes. I hope they never stop. Even when I don't love their beers, I love what they've DONE with them. Creators. Inspirational.


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