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I've written articles for 'The Shed' magazine since issue 1. The editor, Terry Snow saw a few of my photos and contributions on the forum and has been asking me for some time now for an article on my 'Micro/Nano Brewery' so I submitted it last month. The mag went on sale today and I made it onto the cover :-). If any of you read the mag then please give me some feedback about the article.

I put a reference to the forum in the article so hopefully we might get a few more home brewers signing up.

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Just received my copy in the post today (wife subscribed for xmas for me) ...great article!!! Enough information to get people really interested, but not too much to scare them off having a crack. Mind you...most readers would probably be keen as.


I recognised your profile pic and the pic of your brew stand straight away. Shame you didn't have an article about the build of your stand....I'm quite envious!


Good job again!

Thanks Nathan,

Unfortunately I didn't think about taking photos during the build, I'll try to remember that for the next one ;-)


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