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I've just started fermenting an American Pale Wheat Ale using Windsor yeast and noticed that there's quite a strong sulphide smell coming off it 3 days in. OG 1.064, currently 1.022 and still going. Is this normal or suggests a dud yeast? The fermentation temp is 19-20 deg C. I noticed when rehydrating it, it had an unusual almost sulfury nose. As I added wort to it to bring it down to temp, that smell went away and became fruity.


Any ideas appreciated...

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I havent used Windsor but sulphur during fermentation isnt all that unusual.

I haven't used Windsor yet either but I've certainly had plenty of Sulphur (rotten eggs) coming out of the airlock at times and it never seemed to be a problem in the beer.  T58 had shocking Sulphur smells coming out the airlock the one time I used it and the beer was fine.  I wouldn't worry about it at all.

Got hint of sulphur off Windsor at 18c + and not a problem in the finished beer

Cheers, jt
Phew, glad to hear that - although quite surprised to get a burnt match smell from an ale yeast. Hopefully this will disappear. Will keep all posted on this one. Cheers


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