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Does anyone have a good word for sticklebract?


I have never brewed with it before, but I've got a couple of plants (yet to flower). I've done a bit of searching and have found a few comments about its ostensible brewing qualities, but have never spoken to anyone who's actually used it. Descriptors include 'piney', 'citrussy' and often 'a bit harsh'. Most people don't seem to be big fans, but they still sell it so someone must be buying it.


Can anyone add their personal experience with this hop?

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Yes happy to - I've had a vine for a couple of years and got a small biscuit tin full of flowers last year. I'm just about to kick the keg of the English IPA that i tossed the lot into after drying them. Now I've never used anything other than pellets previously, but these flowers smelled lovely, kind of resiny and very pungent, but not sharp. The beer was amazing, but of course I don't have a negative control to compare it to.

I'm sure anyone and his dog would offer to take them off your hands!


If you could pick your variety, what would you want? I'd love to get my hands on a hallertau or saaz vine.


Doesn't sound too bad. RE picking a variety, Hallertau or Saaz would be great. Apparently they don't yield very well at our latitudes - they're adapted to longer days in summer, and I don't know what the terroir would be like, but still. I've got an early English aroma variety which seems to do just fine. Favourite varieties? The list is too long!

One of my go to lagers uses Sticklebract, tettnang and northern brewer, I did also chuck in an IPA when I miscalculated how much warrior I had on hand and was pretty heavy handed with it and personally I don't mind it,  more of a subtle flavour to my palate, and I figured if I'm growing it I best get to trying it and liking it

I have only used pellets but I am going to plant a couple of StickleBract or Smoothcone this spring. Hopefully they come up a treat.

What do you think of the pellets? Okay flavour/bittering quality? I guess your plan to grow some is an endorsement of sorts.

I'm growing these ones as anything else is bloody hard to find.

 When it comes to pellets we have so much to choose from.... bloody hard to compare.. but whole hops means you can really spoil one or two beers... which is what I am looking to do.

Joe I have made the odd comment about the forums as I started my AG brewing off with a 450g pack of Sticklebract. In general I like the flavour profile but the problem I had on occasion was harshness but that would smooth out with time, typically 4-6 months. I think it is one of those hops that if used in the right place or with the right hop to compliment with provide excellent qualities. I even did a smash with it and once it smoothed out is was pretty good, but needed a compliment. IMO the middle additions are where it works best and FWH is probably a good technique for it.


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