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Hi guys, just wondering if anybody knows of a decent place to buy fresh malt in the Waikato/BOP regions ? Also, how does one jimmy up a grain crusher at minimal cost ?  

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brewshop.co.nz has malt, and can supply crushed.

 ditto for craftbrewing.co.nz.

I think both are based in Hamilton.  There is also a home brew shop in Hamilton (Brew Your Own Liquor), but they don't seem to have much grain - only a few prebagged unmilled specialties I think.

Where abouts are you?

Im jumoing between Hamilton and Tauranga atm, yea i dont have enough money to buy one of those flash grain mills so the purchasing of pre-milled malt from brewshop.co.nz or another website is the best way to go about it. Cheers for the reply.

no worries.  If you do order from brewshop, let me know how it goes as I'm keen to see if they're any good.

I'm in Tauranga, and mainly buy from brewshop.  I get them to crush my grains and their delivery is pretty quick - a few times it has been sitting on my doorstep in less than 24 hours from ordering.

craftbrewing.co.nz can ship to Tauranga, Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua the same day as long as your order is in before 9am, otherwise overnight. Business addresses get preference so get it delivered to your work.




brewshop is great i use them alot, has the best website, and always a good product. at very good price.


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