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Hi there, anybody keen to go in on a 25kg sack of sodium percarbonate? Would work out to be about $6/kg. I'm in Auckland. Cheers!

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I'm keen for around 5kg. 

Any chance your looking at buying sodium metasilicate as well?

 I understand PBW is roughly a ratio of 70 percarb /30 metasilicate.

From John Palmer...

"PBW etc.combine sodium metasilicate with the percarbonate in a stable form which increases its effectivity and prevents the corrosion of metals like copper and aluminum that strong alkaline solutions can cause"

Hadn't thought of buying sodium metasilicate, but now that you mention it....sounds good!

Have you tried this homemade PBW mix before?

I've emailed the supplier for a quote, will let you know when I hear back.

I haven't tried the home mixed version but have heard good reports.  I'm building a new brewery and am aiming to use more of a clean in place approach than my current rig. 

I just haven't got around to sourcing the ingredients before so your timing couldn't be better!  Interested to know what your supplier comes back with.

Sodium metasilicate is about $3.40kg including shipping for a 25kg sack. Ratio-wise we'd have to get 3 sacks percarb to one sack of sodium metasilicate. That's a lot of PBW!

Thanks for checking it out . To try and make it viable I'd be happy to chip in for 8 kg each of percarb and metasilicate. Ive no doubt I'll use it over time.
I buy from Ecofreaks, $8/kg, $6.40/kg for 4kg.

That's a good price. Works out about $8.70/kg if you include shipping on 4kg worth.

Compared to about $5.90 per kg including shipping for 25kg from the supplier it might be the easier option, unless we can find enough people to share the 25kg. Anybody else interested?

Might not be an option up in the big smoke but farm suppliers could be a good option as they sometimes use if for dairy cleaning. Down in Chch we get sodium percarbonate for $60+GST per 25kg sack from a place called Aackland Chemicals - think they're Chch only tho.

Hi guys, just saw this. I have been using a product made by a local chemical company here in Hastings. It was designed at the request of a few local wineries. Pretty similar to PBW only MUCH cheaper. Around $5 per kg. The makeup is proprietary but the safety data sheet has the Sodium Percarbonate at between 20 - 30% and the Sodium Metasilicate at <5%. The rest is surfactants and <5% Phosphate salts. It comes in 15kg boxes that contain 3 x 5kg bags. I don't think they would be keen to sell to home brewers but I'd be happy to distribute some around. I've been using it to CIP my fermenters and it works as good, if not better than Caustic.


I would be keen on a 5kg bag too please, only problem is that im in chch. however will be more than happy to pay for freight if you have the time to send it.

Thanks for that info Matt. What is the name of the product and the supplier? I'll see if I can they're willing to post to Auckland - save you the hassle of sending it!

No prob. Ortem trading company. The product is called Stainox. Let me know how you get on.


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